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Several of the front pages report on the files released by the National Archives relating to Tony Blair's premiership.
The Daily Express says revelations his government considered radical proposals, such as sending failed asylum seekers to safe havens offshore, make "surprising reading" given the current Labour party's approach to tackling the small boats crisis.
Many also focus on documents which show that Mr Blair's government lobbied for a treaty to share the Parthenon marbles with Greece.
The Financial Times highlights that a Downing Street adviser said there were "good reasons" to encourage the British Museum to "find an accommodation" with Athens.
The Daily Telegraph claims that Mr Blair discussed using the marbles as a bargaining chip, to persuade Greece to support London's 2012 Olympic bid.
The Daily Mail says that police are abandoning investigations into four crimes every minute without tracking down the culprits. The paper quotes figures from the Home Office which show that forces gave up on more than 2.3m reported crimes in the year to June.
Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph claims that more than half of police forces are failing to investigate crime properly. It says 22 of the 43 forces in England and Wales have been judged by inspectors to be "inadequate" or "requiring improvement".
The Times reports that civil servants are being overpromoted to get around a Whitehall pay squeeze.
The Institute for Government says "Grade inflation" is costing £1.5bn a year and is resulting in underqualified staff doing senior jobs. In response, a government spokesman said all appointments go through rigorous processes, based on merit and through open and fair competition.
Two thirds of British doctors are suffering "moral distress" according to the Guardian, due to the current state of the NHS, and the impact the rising cost of living is having on patients. It says seeing people with malnutrition or hypothermia, or stuck on trolleys in A&E corridors, is causing major concern.
The i carries an interview with the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, urging Rishi Sunak to speed up the UK's transition to nuclear power.
The paper has seen leaked documents which show that current plans have been beset by delays, with a number of deadlines missed. It says Mr Johnson has issued a "rare public attack" on the current PM's leadership, in which he tells him to "get on with it".
Several of the front pages feature pictures of the devastation caused by the tornado in Tameside. The Daily Mirror and the Daily Express have an interview with a couple who say they feared for their lives when their roof was torn off in Stalybridge.
The Mirror's headline calls it "Twister Terror".
And the Sun says thieves broke into the home of the Manchester City footballer Jack Grealish, and stole £1m worth of jewellery. The paper claims his family were at the property when it happened on Wednesday, watching the star on TV as he played against Everton.
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