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When it was featured in the third episode, a section of the headline appeared to be missing
A newspaper headline in David Beckham’s Netflix series was edited so it no longer included the claim that he had an affair with his personal assistant, it has been reported. 
When the story broke in April 2004, a front page headline of the Daily Mirror read: “MY SISTER DID HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH BECKS”.
The article stated: “David Beckham and his personal assistant Rebecca Loos did have an affair, her brother claimed yesterday.”
But when it was featured in the third episode, a section of the headline was missing and it instead appeared to say “AN AFFAIR WITH BECKS”.
The version of the article shown in the series said: “The England captain dismissed the allegation as ludicrous.” References to Ms Loos and the affair were not included.
Netflix is unlikely to face regulatory scrutiny if they did show an edited version of the article published in The Mirror because it is based in the Netherlands, which is outside of Ofcom’s jurisdiction.
The alleged affair is also touched on in episode four with a TV news report stating: “They are one of the world’s most recognisable couples. Over the years the Beckhams have actively marketed their union as a marriage made in heaven.
“But today that relationship is under a totally different spotlight with allegations that he had an affair… after the footballer’s transfer to Real Madrid.”
A print worker then takes a copy of a newspaper off the presses and is seen reading the front page carrying the headline “AN AFFAIR WITH BECKS”.
Before Beckham answers a question on the subject in the series, the film cuts to an episode of Have I Got News For You, where it is asked: “Does anyone know if any of this is true?”
When the former England captain was asked how he handled the crisis, he said the stories were horrible and sickening.
Ministers have been called on to close a loophole which means British viewers who want to complain about Netflix programmes need to go to the Dutch regulator. It follows concerns about fabricated scenes in The Crown.
Crown writer Peter Morgan has defended such flourishes. “Sometimes you have to forsake accuracy, but you must never forsake truth,” he said. 
Oprah Winfrey’s 2021 interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also had to be edited after misleading headlines portraying racist coverage of the couple in the British press were featured.
Tory MP Paul Bristow told the Mail on Sunday: “As the documentary shows, David Beckham is clearly a loving father and a decent man. That makes it all the stranger that Netflix appear to be trying to rewrite history and soften how this part of his life was covered in the media.”
It is not known whether the Beckhams were aware of the alleged editing.
Netflix and Beckham’s production company Studio 99 were contacted for comment.


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