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You’ll only pay an extra £16.76 in total on top of the handset, and get 100GB of data
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The iPhone 15 deal is part of Affordable Mobile’s lease and save plan
The latest series of iPhones is among the best smartphones that Apple has ever produced. Take the common or garden iPhone 15. While it might lack the Pro-moniker and the shiny titanium design, the base model has never been more pro.
Essentially dressed up as the iPhone 14 Pro from last year, it features the same super-fast A16 Bionic chip, the same fancy shmancy Dynamic Island and, bettering the 14 Pro model, it boasts the new camera feature that lets you toggle on Portrait Mode after a picture has been taken.
But while we’re big fans of the iPhone 15, actual good iPhone 15 deals have so far been hard to come by. However, we’ve just spotted the best iPhone 15 deal from Affordable Mobiles, which has an iPhone 15 contract deal with 100GB of data for just £33.99 per month over 24 months. That means you’ll pay just £815.76 over the length of your contract. In other words, an extra £16.76 on top of the iPhone 15’s £799 price tag.
The deal is part of Affordable Mobile’s lease and save programme in partnership with tech leasing firm Raylo. Instead of buying the phone outright, you pay a small fee every month to get the iPhone 15, on top of a reduced cost for a 100GB data plan with Three.
Once your 24 months are up, you just hand the phone back and upgrade to the next latest and greatest device. We’ve got all the details on the deal below.
With Affordable Mobile’s lease and save plan, you can get the iPhone 15 with 100GB of data for just £33.99 a month. This cost is spread over 24 months. Broken down, you’ll pay £4.99 for the iPhone 15 with 128GB of storage and £29 a month for the contract with Three. In total, over 24 months, you’ll pay £815.76. That’s only £16.76 more than the cost of buying the handset outright, and you’ll also get all that data.
You’re not saving any money on the handset itself, but you are saving a huge amount of cash on data. If you want to get smart about it, dividing £16.76 by 24 months works out to around 70p extra every month for 100GB of data. Plus, since it’s with Three, you’ll also enjoy discounts and freebies with the Three+ app, as well as free wifi in over 250 London underground stations.
This is a significantly better deal than the deals offered by all the other leading network providers. Before this deal, the cheapest contract we’d spotted was from Sky Mobile, which would see you paying £1,152 over 36 months for an iPhone 15 with 4GB of data. That’s an extra £353 on top of the cost of the handset for a small amount of data.
So, what’s the catch? As mentioned above, the only real downside is that you can’t keep the phone beyond your lease period. While you can technically keep your iPhone 15 for longer than 24 months, Affordable Mobiles recommends handing it back and upgrading because the cost of leasing the phone with Raylo goes up.
On top of that, because it’s a lease, if you damage it during the 24 months, you’ll have to pay for repairs. While Raylo’s lifetime warranty will cover technical defects, it won’t cover accidental damage, so we’d recommend getting a good iPhone 15 case and screen protector.
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