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LONDON–()–Today, global affiliate marketing platform Awin announces the launch of its upgraded features, creating a new digital marketing ecosystem that addresses the challenges faced by brands and online publishers worldwide. In an ad landscape dominated by a handful of large tech firms, and with brands demanding more transparency, these upgrades introduce game-changing solutions that empower brands to regain control over their ad spend, create lasting marketing partnerships and generate more revenue.

The Challenge: Big Tech’s Dominance of Digital Ad Spend
Almost three-quarters of global digital ad spend is currently invested into three main technology platforms, whose market dominance and auction-based models have left businesses struggling with skyrocketing costs and little control over where to invest their money.
Similarly, the US Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) recent study revealed that 23% of brand spend in programmatic is going to waste, highlighting the transparency issues within that space. This wasted spend amounts to at least $20bn, a third more than is set to be invested globally in the affiliate industry by brands this year.
The Solution: Choice, Control, Customisation, and ROI
Awin recognises the need for an alternative as companies increasingly prioritise their own bottom line and look for media investments they can trust. Its upgraded platform is a direct response to the demand from ecommerce brands for an advertising solution that is both adaptable and transparent, empowering them to achieve their marketing goals in an increasingly competitive environment.
The Awin partner ecosystem allows brands to confidently break free from these costly models, offering:
“Choice, control, and customisation are critical to creating mutually beneficial and lasting relationships in any business, particularly within digital marketing,” said Adam Ross, CEO of Awin. “Awin’s partner ecosystem helps ecommerce brands eliminate industry silos, complex integrations and wasteful spending to create their own advertising ecosystems that easily scale based on individual needs. We’re excited to help customers take back control of their marketing, giving them the freedom to grow their own way.”
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About Awin
Two-thirds of digital ad spend currently flows to the three big tech platforms – Google, Meta and Amazon. But their auction-based ad models favor their own bottom line and inflate costs at a time when every single marketing dollar counts. Awin offers a real alternative to big tech and puts advertisers back in control of their own business growth. Using Awin’s platform, brands can unlock unlimited marketing opportunities that reach consumers everywhere. Choose which affiliate partners best match marketing objectives. Control costs by defining how these partners are paid. And customise affiliate marketing program using Awin’s tech to mirror unique goals, whatever they may be.
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Elizabeth Harris
Metis Communications
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Elizabeth Harris
Metis Communications
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