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In a move that promises to infuse fresh energy into this year’s UK Charity Week, the organisers have unveiled a partnership with the beloved Charity Radio podcast. With the campaign set to kick off in December (4th-8th), this collaboration aims to continue shining a spotlight on charities and their inspiring stories.
A Match Made in Charitable Heaven
UK Charity Week, a yearly extravaganza that unites charities, businesses, and communities across the UK, has always been about pushing the boundaries of charitable giving. This year, they’ve teamed up with Charity Radio, a podcast renowned for its poignant and insightful storytelling within the charitable sector.
Lee Rayment, founder of UK Charity Week and a member of Charity Radio’s production team, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, said:
“We’re thrilled to join forces with Charity Radio until December. This collaboration allows us to support the podcast while continuing to reach a wider audience. As I founded both, I know first-hand how much each of the teams commits to the projects. The budget was available, so it’s a match made in charitable heaven!”
The partnership officially launches in October 2023.
Adam Wolstenholme, the host of Charity Radio, shared his excitement, stating:
“It’s been an incredible journey so far. We’ve had the privilege of speaking to charity leaders, volunteers, and beneficiaries, uncovering the heartwarming and sometimes challenging stories that define the charitable sector.”
Fueling Anticipation for UK Charity Week 2023
One of the primary objectives of this collaboration will be to generate momentum and excitement for the upcoming UK Charity Week 2023 campaign, scheduled for December. By leveraging the far-reaching impact of Charity Radio.
Listeners will be introduced to the diverse range of charities participating in this year’s campaign, gaining insights into the crucial work they do and the transformative impact of charitable contributions.
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