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At 6 months, your baby will start using sounds to express emotion. She/he may mimic sounds she/he hears, like “ma,” “da,” “ah,” “oh” and even “no!” Your little one will begin to recognize familiar faces, reach and grasp for toys and will soon be crawling — start preparing your home (and yourself) for a mobile child!
Get ready by removing any sharp, breakable or electric objects from the child’s reach, locking closets with dangerous liquids or supplies (or putting them in a safe place far out of your child’s reach), and closing windows to ensure your child’s safety.
Some of the ways you’ll see your little one learning to connect with the people around him at 6 months:
Tips for parents
How your baby is expressing her needs:
Tips for parents
How your child’s brain is growing:
Tips for parents
How she’ll move through her environment:
Tips for parents
What mealtimes look like at 6 months:
Tips for parents
While all babies develop differently, you should speak to your paediatrician immediately if your 6-month-old:
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