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Last updated: March 24th, 2023 at 16:50 UTC+01:00
Samsung is the best Android smartphone manufacturer around, bar none. Even though no OEM is perfect, no matter the company’s past mistakes, Samsung remains the best choice, and it’s easy to see why. But if you’re in doubt, here’s why Samsung is the market leader.
Samsung offers the best build quality among all other Android smartphone manufacturers, especially in the high-end price range. Buying a Samsung phone comes with the reassurance that the device won’t fall apart.
But even if something goes wrong, Samsung’s extensive retail and repair center network is there to help. No Android smartphone maker offers better customer support than Samsung. And even if you hear of a negative testimonial once in a blue moon, it’s worth remembering that Samsung sells devices to millions upon millions of customers worldwide — most of which never face any issues.
Samsung is a market leader and an innovator. Samsung’s different branches, from SDI to Display, are responsible for many innovations in the smartphone world, including foldable screens.
The competition in the foldable phone segment is heating up as more OEMs try to get a piece of the pie. But Samsung remains the best foldable phone vendor and, more importantly, the safest foldable phone brand, given the point mentioned above concerning customer support and build quality.
Samsung also develops the most resilient “candy bar” smartphones, and it’s the most prolific rugged device manufacturer, particularly for enterprise customers. Rigid AMOLED displays are also expected to step into the next era with OLED 2.0 in 2025, which will allow features such as full-screen multi-touch fingerprint recognition, making this type of authentication 2.5x billion more secure.
One UI evolved into something greater than Android itself. Even though it’s not an operating system but more of a layer on top of Android OS, One UI often brings clever new features that even Google misses out on.
Numerous examples exist of Google getting inspiration from One UI for new Android features. The latest of which is PIN auto-confirm and a Samsung Pass-inspired feature. And now, with One UI 5.1, the proprietary Android launcher feels smoother, more polished and optimized, and more featureful than ever.

Two final reasons why One UI offers the best Android experience are Samsung DeX – a desktop environment that can turn your Galaxy smartphone or laptop into a PC – and Samsung’s incredible firmware update support, which now guarantees four major Android OS updates for many phones and tablets.
If you’re using any other gadgets besides a phone, Samsung is the best Android brand. It has the most expansive device ecosystem for Android smartphone users, thanks to incredible SmartThings support, Tizen TVs, Wear OS Galaxy Watches, Galaxy tablets, wireless Galaxy Buds, and Windows-powered Galaxy Book laptops. All these devices can communicate in one form or another and offer the closest-to-complete cross-device experience for Android phone users.
If you don’t use anything but a smartphone, you might not be aware of how far Samsung’s hardware ecosystem has come. From seamless earbud switching between devices and app continuity across Galaxy smartphones and tablets (albeit limited) to easy file transfer between Galaxy phones or tablets and Windows Galaxy Book laptops thanks to Quick Share, Samsung has no competition.
The cherry on top: every portable Samsung gadget — from smartwatches to Galaxy Book laptops — are compatible with SmartThings Find, so in case you misplace them, you can easily relocate them, even if they’re offline.
Nowadays, the term “bloatware” is rarely cropping up, and when it does, it’s often misused. In the world of mobile phones, at its core, the term “bloatware” means pre-installed apps that don’t come from the OEM or software provider but from a third-party developer. The term was also used to describe Samsung apps a decade ago because, admittedly, they were not that good, and Google had better alternatives in the Play Store.
However, in this day and age, countless Samsung apps make the One UI experience what it is. Most of the Samsung apps that come with your Galaxy phone or tablet are fantastic, and even if you prefer an alternative third-party solution, Samsung can’t be blamed for wanting to offer customers a complete phone or tablet with every software tool they need without expecting them to download apps from a store. Samsung offers the most complete out-of-the-box experience, and it’s pretty darn good.
Some of the best Samsung apps include Samsung Internet, Samsung Email, Samsung TV Plus, Gallery, My Files, Samsung Kids, Samsung Wallet, Samsung Pass, Clock, Samsung Health, Modes and Routines, Samsung Keyboard, Samsunt Notes, PENUP, and many others.
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