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Apple and Lucasfilm have collaborated on a new Star Wars-themed commercial promoting the iPhone 15 “Precision Finding for Find My Friends” feature.
The ad was directed by Kim Gehrig and it follows a Mandalorian cosplayer, played by real-life fan Owen, “as he journeys to meet up with friends at a local con.
“He starts off the day feeding his cat, Leia, and checking for the essentials (“Keys, phone, thermal detonator”), before heading out. He picks up a boba tea (naturally), grabs the bus, and uses his iPhone 15 to chat with and find his Mandalorian clan.
“Finally together, they share greetings and some in-sync head-bobs to Channel Tres’ ‘All My Friends,’ with the lyric ‘5:02, past the curfew’ changed to ‘5:01,’ in a nod from the artist to the 501st Legion fan group. Jardiniano and pals then blast off…up the escalator.”
Owen talked about this experience, saying: “Oh, it’s great. It still doesn’t feel real to me. It was just wonderful, really, being able to do all this.”
As you’ll see, the ad is filled with fun little Star Wars Easter eggs. Enjoy!
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