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The Ukrainian authorities say the number of victims from a Russian airstrike in Odesa has risen, with many more injured. Listen to a Daily podcast on whether the UK should send troops to Ukraine as you scroll.
Tuesday 30 April 2024 11:19, UK
Live events elsewhere mean we are leaving our coverage of the Ukraine war there for the day. 
The main development this morning was the rise in the number of people killed in a Russian strike on Odesa yesterday to five.
Read more details in our posts below – and we’ll be back with rolling updates and analysis of the war soon.
At least two people have been killed in another Russian strike, this time targeting the northeastern city of Kharkiv, local officials say.

Six more have been wounded in the attack, which Governor Oleh Synehubov says was carried out using guided bombs, according to preliminary information.
The attack damaged a residential building in one of the city districts, Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said. 
Emergency services are on the scene, local officials say.

Yesterday, a woman was reportedly injured after a “series of explosions” hit the city, according to the mayor.
Russia denies targeting civilians in the war that is now in its third year.
As we reported yesterday, a Russian missile attack targeted an educational institution in a popular seafront park in the Black Sea port of Odesa.
The number of victims from that airstrike has risen, with five people now reported to have died. 
Local officials had initially said four were killed.
Regional governor Oleh Kiper said in addition to those killed in the attack, one man died after suffering a stroke attributed to the strike.
Another 32 are said to be injured, eight of whom seriously – including a four-year-old child.
A pregnant woman and another child are also among the injured.
“Monsters, beasts, savages, scum, I don’t know what else to say,” Odesa Mayor Hennadii Trukhanov said.
“People are going for a walk by the sea and they are shooting and killing.”
Video footage, which could not be immediately verified, showed people receiving treatment on the street alongside pools of blood. 
One photo showed officials examining part of a missile.
Ukrainian navy spokesperson Dmytro Pletenchuk said the strike was conducted by an Iskander-M ballistic missile with a cluster warhead.
Odesa has been a frequent target of Russian missile and drone attacks, particular port infrastructure.

Hello and welcome back to our coverage of the war in Ukraine. 
Yesterday a Russian attack on the port city of Odesa killed at least four people, while dramatic footage showed a massive education facility ablaze in the aftermath. 
Here are the other key events to get you up to speed on from the past 24 hours:
As we reported a short time ago, the Duchess of Edinburgh has met with Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Ukraine, in what marks the first visit to the country by a member of the Royal Family since the war begin.
Sophie met the Ukrainian president and first lady Olena Zelenska and delivered a message to them on behalf of the King, Buckingham Palace said.
You can watch footage from her trip here…
Throughout the day, we’ve been reporting on a Russian attack on the city of Odesa in Ukraine, which has killed at least four people. 
These images show a burning educational institution building, which was struck. 
Airline Finnair has said it is pausing flights to Tartu in eastern Estonia for the next month, due to GPS disturbances in the area.
“Finnair will suspend its daily flights to Tartu, Estonia, from 29 April to 31 May, so that an alternative approach solution that does not require a GPS signal can be put in place at Tartu Airport,” the Finnish airline said in a statement.
Finnair last week had to divert two flights back to Helsinki after GPS interference prevented the approach to Tartu airport, although a spokesperson said the company did not now where the interference came from.
However, Tallinn seems certain as where the issues are originating. 
“It is a fact that Russia affects GPS devices in our region’s airspace,” Estonia’s foreign minister said via a spokesperson.
Margus Tsahkna added that Estonia will raise the issue of GPS interference with its neighbours, and intends to discuss it with the EU and NATO. 
GPS jamming and spoofing have grown worse in eastern Europe, the Black Sea and the Middle East, all areas close to conflict zones, according to industry group OpsGroup. 
More than 30 Ukrainian conscripts have died while trying to cross the border illegally to avoid mobilisation, a Ukrainian official has said.
Andriy Demchenko, spokesman for the State Border Guard Service, told Ukrinform that some men are prepared to pay “large sums” of money to groups promising to smuggle them across the border safely.
“Then they are faced with the fact that the route runs along a mountain river,” he said.
Many conscripts have lost their lives after realising they didn’t have the strength to swim the river, Mr Demchenko added.
“In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, about 30 people have died trying to cross the border illegally,” he said.

Such attempts occur “every day”, he said.
For context: Ukraine has been under martial law since the Russian invasion in February 2022.
It lets draft officers call up men of a certain age to fight on the front line.
In April, Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed off a new law lowering the age of draft-eligible men from 27 to 25, in a bid to boost troop numbers in his depleted ranks.
The Duchess of Edinburgh has met with Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Ukraine, in what marks the first visit to the country by a member of the Royal Family since the war begin.
Sophie met the Ukrainian president and first lady Olena Zelenska and delivered a message to them on behalf of the King, Buckingham Palace said.
Her visit is aimed at demonstrating “solidarity with the women, men and children impacted by the war and in a continuation of her work to champion survivors of conflict-related sexual violence”, the palace said.
Three women and a man have died after a Russian attack on Odesa.
A further 28 people have been injured, including two children aged five and 16. A pregnant woman has also been hurt.
This video shows the aftermath of the attack. 
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