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Plan aims to achieve key targets of Dubai’s economic agenda D33 by adding Dh100 billion
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, announced the launch of the Dubai Universal Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence, an annual plan that aims to achieve key targets of Dubai’s economic agenda D33 by adding Dh100 billion and increasing economic productivity by 50 per cent.
“During the initial phase of our plan for this year, we will commence with the goal of enhancing the quality of life and well-being of the people of Dubai leveraging Artificial Intelligence. We will start by appointing Chief A.I. Officers in all Dubai governmental entities. We will also announce a comprehensive program to for attracting and enabling data centers and we will introduce a new A.I. company license. Dedicated Incubators and Campuses for Artificial Intelligence will be launched to further enhance Dubai’s vibrant A.I. ecosystem and finally A.I. will be celebrated in Dubai schools with the introduction an A.I. week,” Sheikh Hamdan said in a post on his X account.
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“We will annually review, update, and introduce new projects under this plan, ensuring it keeps pace with all developments. Dubai is a city centered around its people, and to this end, we will dedicate all our resources and energy to make it the happiest place in the world.”
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed affirmed that Dubai’s annual plan to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence applications embodies the vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to enhance the city’s leadership as a global technology and innovation hub. The plan also reflects Dubai’s commitment to leverage new artificial intelligence technologies to create a brighter future in all sectors.
“In 1999, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum initiated the pioneering journey of the future by launching Dubai’s digital transformation, a venture that has continued to achieve milestones leading to the recent unveiling of the Dubai Digital Strategy last year. We have realized record-breaking accomplishments that have established us as the premier hub for billion-dollar global enterprises in the technology and artificial intelligence sectors within the region,” he added.
“In recent years, the evolution of artificial intelligence has accelerated, presenting numerous opportunities for nations and governments adept at utilizing it, while posing challenges to those unable to keep pace. This required swift and adaptive action plans responsive to the rapid changes in technology and artificial intelligence.”
Dubai’s annual plan for accelerating the adoption of AI applications and implementations serves as a roadmap for enhancing the well-being of its people by adopting AI across all sectors and areas crucial to the emirate’s future. The plan aims to make Dubai the city that offers the most conducive environment for economic growth, the best city for technology utilisation, and the fastest in adopting advanced applications.
The plan aims to provide the best environment for artificial intelligence companies and global talent by enhancing competitiveness in facilitating business operations, supported by an advanced technological infrastructure, flexible legislative environment, and a supportive system that encourages the development of AI technologies and advanced technology-related industries. This will contribute to empowering companies in this sector to grow and expand the benefits of AI solutions in accelerating progress in various fields and contributing to building a better future for new generations.
The plan also aims to make Dubai a leader in the adoption of artificial intelligence in government operations. This will be achieved by implementing artificial intelligence tools in government projects and future initiatives, as well as supporting these entities in effectively adopting future technologies.
Further, this initiative seeks to position Dubai as the world’s most prepared city for radical transformations across vital sectors. Moreover, it aims to enhance employee productivity, improve government performance, and deliver superior government services leveraging future technologies.
The annual Dubai plan also aims to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence applications, transforming Dubai into a global hub for AI governance and legislation. This initiative involves providing necessary resources to attract innovators and leading technology companies. Additionally, it entails ongoing development of regulations and laws for AI utilisation across sectors. The plan has a strong focus on AI governance to effectively harness advanced technological tools and employ them in developing vital sectors to enhance human and social well-being.
The plan also aims to create the best AI applications in strategic sectors by empowering government teams with essential AI skills and tools, introducing them to the latest practices and future opportunities. This support will empower them to develop innovative applications based on these skills, facilitating the adoption of advanced technology tools to create services, products, and solutions, while also keeping pace with the rapid transformations across various spheres.
The first phase of Dubai’s annual plan to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence for this year includes the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer for Artificial Intelligence in each government entity in Dubai, who will spearhead specialised plans and programmes in the field of artificial intelligence and advanced technology. The broader goal is to enhance government performance by investing in the latest AI technology solutions and tools. The Dubai Center for Artificial Intelligence, which is part of the Dubai Future Foundation, will assess candidates for this role.
Furthermore, as part of the first phase, Dubai is set to inaugurate its AI and WEB3 Incubator. This initiative aims to establish the largest hub for AI and technology companies, with the objective of attracting innovators, startups, and AI frontrunners from across the globe, and supporting them in transforming their innovative concepts into success stories as well as facilitating their global expansion out of Dubai.
Additionally, the first phase of the plan involves launching AI Week in educational institutions to integrate AI applications into the educational system to enhance the quality of educational outcomes. This also encompasses providing students with skills aligned with future market needs, educating school and university students about AI and coding, and introducing them to the latest tools and methods in this field.
Moreover, the first phase of the plan includes the launch of the Dubai Commercial Licence for Artificial Intelligence aimed at enhancing investments in the field of artificial intelligence, attracting specialised companies and talented individuals from all over the world to work in an enabling environment that supports companies in achieving more growth and development, and contributing to solidifying Dubai’s position as the preferred business destination for technology and innovation companies.
The first phase of the plan also includes allocating land for data centres to contribute to providing an environment conducive to attracting foreign investments and continuing to develop world-class infrastructure to support the delivery of solutions that enhance Dubai’s digital transformation journey.
The annual Dubai plan supports accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence applications to achieve the objectives of the D33 Agenda, which seeks to generate an annual contribution of AED100 billion from digital transformation projects to the emirate’s economy. This aligns with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to solidify Dubai’s position as a global hub for the digital economy and a significant player in the global digital ecosystem.
The plan also supports achieving other key objectives of the D33 agenda, including establishing Dubai as one of the world’s top three urban economies and increasing economic productivity by 50% through innovation and the adoption of digital solutions. Dubai places the highest priority on fostering an innovation-friendly environment and building local talent and capabilities. Dubai also prioritises the adoption of digital solutions, which will support the creation of a smart and advanced economy characterised by leadership, sustainability, knowledge-based growth, innovation, and future technological applications, and consolidate the city’s competitiveness and position as a leading global hub for the digital economy.
Dubai’s annual plan for accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence applications contributes to solidifying the city’s status as a preferred destination for technology, innovation, and artificial intelligence companies. The emirate is home to the headquarters of eight technology unicorns, which have leveraged the economic and investment opportunities provided by its technology sector and large-scale digital transformation projects, to grow and succeed.
Dubai ranks first globally in foreign direct investment in artificial intelligence, first in the Middle East in technology entrepreneurship, and seventh globally in readiness for artificial intelligence applications.
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