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4 days ago
In the fifth episode of our podcast, Future Human: The Series, we look at the challenges a growing population presents for our global food security, and ask if technology might have the answers.
In our Future Human podcast series, the journalists at Silicon Republic chat to some of the leading minds about the future of everything. Hosted by Ann O’Dea, the latest episode asks how technology might help secure our global food supply amid the challenges of climate change and international conflicts.
In case you missed it, our first episode featured an array of leaders on the future of cybersecurity and zero trust, while episode two asked how we will travel sustainably.
Episode three looked at how we regulate generative AI to ensure transparent and ethical use cases, while episode four tackled the future of cities with in-depth interviews by O’Dea and SiliconRepublic.com editor Jenny Darmody with leaders looking at cities from the point of view of technology, design and process management.
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This our fifth episode takes on the high stakes of food security for all, as we deal with growing global conflicts disrupting the supply chain, and climate change leading to flood and drought issues for agriculture, featuring experts from around the world.
Tony Hunter is an Australia-based food futurist and strategy consultant specialising in the future of food. He provides boards, C-suite and other business leaders with strategic insight about future trends and technologies affecting their business.
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Hunter has a background in food science and technology as well as having practical experience of running food businesses. His clients include KFC in the US and Australia, Pepsi and Top Cut Foods. He consults for major international consultancies like Accenture and Bright Green Partners.
Today, Julianne Forrestal is food transformation director at French services giant Sodexo, having previously served as culinary director and before that, executive craft chef.
She also spent several years at Avoca Ireland as culinary innovation Director. Julianne has a master’s degree from Technological University of Dublin and is passionate about innovative and sustainable approaches to great food.
Known as ‘the food futurist’, Christophe Pelletier is author of three books, two of which on the future of food and agriculture, filled with predictions and one book of poems about food and agriculture.
Born and raised in France, Pelletier says it is “rather logical” that food plays an important role in his life. Having studied a master’s degree in science from AgroParisTech, the French Grande Ecole for Agriculture, Pelletier spent many years working in a variety of positions in agribusiness over four continents.
Since 2002, he has run his own business, which focuses on two areas. One is the Future of Food and Agriculture. The other one is Happiness. Pellerier says: “I am quite passionate about both topics.”
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