Newspaper headlines: 'All is Fergiven' and 'Tories face new Farage threat' – BBC

Many of Boxing Day's front pages feature images of members of the Royal Family after they attended the Christmas Day church service in Sandringham alongside the King and Queen.
The Sun's lead focuses on Sarah, Duchess of York being publicly back at the heart of the royal family as she waved to fans in Norfolk. She appeared alongside her ex-husband Prince Andrew, having not accompanied the family on a walk to the church service for more than three decades.
Keeping with the Royal Family theme, the Daily Mirror focuses on King Charles delivering his second Christmas speech, in which the monarch praised the UK as a caring and compassionate country and reminded us to "care for the Earth".
The Daily Mail also notes King Charles's message as he hails Brits who dedicate themselves to "service" – he also urged for peace in the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas, as well as the war in Ukraine.
Elsewhere, the Times leads on a report Labour is considering plans to process claims from asylum seekers overseas. The party is said to be looking for what the paper calls "legally watertight alternatives" to the government's Rwanda scheme which aims to deter migrants arriving in small boats.
According to Tuesday's Daily Telegraph, the NHS is "under fire" for what it describes as a "menopause drug lottery". It says analysis of health service figures suggests women are up to three times more likely to be offered hormone replacement therapy in some areas than others.
Sticking with health news, the Guardian cites government-commissioned obesity research which says in a report that children in England are at risk of a "health timebomb" of diabetes and heart disease. But, the government tells the paper it's delivered dramatic reductions in the amount of sugar in children's foods, such as breakfast cereals and yoghurts.
Finally, the Daily Express reports on calls by some Conservatives for an urgent cut in the Bank of England's main interest rate. The Centre for Economics and Business Research suggests the current rate is stifling investment and some Tory backbenchers – including John Redwood – warn it could lead to a recession.
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