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Viewers will be able to decide who Cami chooses to get romantic with in the interactive film
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Netflix will soon launch its first ever interactive romcom, allowing viewers to decide the outcome of the new production. Titled Choose Love, it follows in a series of interactive Netflix releases including the likes of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Cat Burglar, Headspace: Unwind Your Mind and You vs. Wild
Netflix says the film centres around Cami Conway (Laura Marano), a recording engineer who seemingly has everything: the dream job, the dream boyfriend (Scott Michael Foster) and the dream future ahead of her. But Cami has some hesitations about what's to come — mostly because she keeps looking back at her former goals and previous relationships.
While watching Choose Love, you are much more than just a viewer, you control the what happens. As Cami faces an array of choices, ranging from the innocuous to major ethical dilemmas, viewers get to help her decide exactly what to do.
Netflix says: "The result? A whole bunch of possible storylines… and even multiple endings, depending upon what you pick, because Cami's fate is ultimately in your hands."
Netflix's official synopsis for Choose Love reads: "Is it just FOMO and the fear of commitment that goes with it? Or is she actually missing out on an even better career, perhaps the long-abandoned singing career she once dreamed of?
"And is Paul the love of her life? What if it's Rex Galier (Avan Jogia), the sexy British rock star, who walks into her studio and becomes irrepressibly smitten? Or could it be Jack Menna (Jordi Webber), her first love, "the one that got away", the idealistic world traveller, who returns home and is ready to rekindle their youthful passion?"
That's where viewers come in, making the big decisions for Cami. With the recording engineer facing tough decisions, viewers have the power to choose her future.
Choose Love will premiere on Netflix on August 31 as part of the streaming service's summer reveal. The film is directed by Stuart McDonald, whose credits include Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Summer Heights High and an upcoming untitled Netflix romcom starring Victoria Justice.
The brand new interactive film was written by Josann McGibbon, who wrote on the likes of Runaway Bride, Desperate Housewives and The Starter Wife.


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