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If you miss your BlackBerry, you can have it back once again with the click of a button.
Introducing Clicks, which is both a case and physical keyboard rolled into one, to turn your iPhone into a BlackBerry-like device.
iPhone users — specifically owners of the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max — can party like it’s 1999 and turn their touch-screen devices into a BlackBerry. It retails for $139, but is currently sold out.
The case allows users to turn off the keyboards on their phones — which frees up more screen space — and opt to use the compact keypad on the case, or switch back to using the iPhone’s standard touch-screen keyboard.
Best of all, Clicks doesn’t use Bluetooth or have a battery. It connects to the device via the USB-C or Lightning connector and uses power directly from the phone.
Simply slide your phone into the case, and you’ll have a keyboard attached for all your writing needs — just like the old BlackBerry you once held in your hands back in the day.
The world was forever changed with the introduction of the BlackBerry smartphone in 1999, with the device quickly becoming a status symbol in the 2000s.
But once Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPhone in 2007, the BlackBerry quickly fell out of season and became obsolete, officially dying off in 2022 when service was permanently cut.
When the iPhone debuted, many people were wary of not having tactile buttons. Gone were the days of hearing the satisfying click-clack of a keyboard as you rapidly type away on your commute home or in a business meeting. But now, it almost feels shameful to not have a touch screen.
However, 2024 is a year of new opportunities and a very good one came along from the minds of tech bloggers CrackBerry Kevin and The Mr. Mobile — a k a Michael Fisher.
They just launched the latest Clicks this month, but their brainchild has long been in the works.
“There’s literally a story 15 years in the making that really brought Clicks together,” Kevin told The Post at the Clicks’ in-person delivery launch event on Feb. 1 in Brooklyn.
“I was the No. 1 BlackBerry fan going back to launching CrackBerry in 2007,” said Kevin, who established his popular tech vlog on YouTube in 2007.
The Clicks 14 Pro version just launched on Feb. 1 and the 15-generation versions are set to hit the marketplace later this spring.
Kevin explained that the project came to fruition a little over a year ago when he and his good friend Mr. Mobile linked up with engineer Liangchen Chen, who had a company called F(x)Tec.
Chen had previously created an Android smartphone with a horizontal slider physical keyboard in 2018.
The trio collaboratively came up with the concept for the show-stopping Clicks and began developing it for the masses.
The case is unlike anything on the market, as it has no direct competitors — yet — the founders said. So, Clicks is currently the only way to get back the tap-tap-tap feel of your BlackBerry for your iPhone.
“Michael’s been the most vocal lover of buttons in the world with the biggest audience,” Kevin said of his friend and Clicks co-founder.
“We use keyboards on our desktops, laptops and tablets every day — so it’s kind of odd that we abandoned physical buttons on the smartphone,” Fisher added.
Once the touch-screen-only iPhone hit the market, the BlackBerry fell further down into the technology rabbit hole with the company officially ceasing to service the gadgets in 2022.
But that didn’t stop some wistful lovers of nostalgia from ending their quest for BlackBerry devices. Many people on social media showed off their old BlackBerrys hidden away in their drawers and even went as far as to buy recycled phones.
One of the most vocal BlackBerry fans out there was Kim Kardashian, who famously cherished and loved her phone until at least 2016 when she could no longer find any more iterations of her mobile.
The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” alum, 43, hilariously took to X (formerly known as Twitter at the time) to shed tears over her BlackBerry dying and that she was unable to find any older models on eBay to buy.
“Sooo my BlackBerry Bold died. I can’t find any more on eBay. I knew this day would come & to be honest I’m prepared. But the question is….” the Skims founder tweeted.
In another tweet happily preserved on the internet, she further demonstrated her anguish over her phone, writing: “Do I try a different kind of BlackBerry? Or ditch it all together? Or a different phone like Samsung?”
Well, Kim, maybe you should try getting Clicks?


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