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The iPhone 16 might gain a feature commonly seen on most high-end cameras, thanks to the rumored capture button.
iPhone 16 isn’t expected to launch before September but leaks have already started to paint a clear picture of the upcoming smartphones. A recent report revealed Apple will be introducing a new button with the iPhone 16 phones, called the “capture button”. And now a leaker reveals what could be its function.
While the button’s name suggests it could be a shutter button, a leaker claims it will do a lot more than just snapping pictures. The capture button on the iPhone 16 may bring an advanced feature found in DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.
As reported by MacRumors, tipster Instant Digital believes the Capture Button’s main function will be to trigger image or video capture. However, a light press will enable the user to adjust focus.
This feature is pretty much like what you’d find on most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, often called a “2-stage shutter release.”
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When pressed halfway, the capture button could activate the autofocus and exposure. Holding the release at mid-course might maintain the focusing point and allow for recomposition if desired. A further press on the button could take the picture.
Apple is reportedly planning several design changes to incorporate the new button. According to a previous report, the capture button will likely be positioned below the power button on the right side of the device. It’s expected to be capacitive rather than a standard button, so you can simply touch it to activate it.
The iPhone 16 lineup of smartphones could see some major upgrades this year. Apple might introduce a several AI features for the phone, and equip the Pro models with a new A18 Pro chip.
The standard iPhone 16 and the larger iPhone 16 Plus may also get Wi-Fi 6E tech and more RAM. Additionally, the vanilla model might undergo a somewhat boring design overhaul.
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