Cobb Schools Earns National Sustainable Tech Award for CTLS – Cobb County School District

Learning Counsel Research recently recognized the Cobb County School District with a Sustainable Tech Practices Award during the 10th Annual Learning Leadership national virtual conference.  
The tech award recognizes Cobb Schools for sustainable practices that acknowledge the importance of human teaching alongside the powerful use of technology to measurably increase learning and adapt teaching. Cobb was praised for “exceeding early innovation of process to arrive at data-driven instructional management so that every student and the entire teaching and learning process gains new levels of personalization towards higher achievement.” MicrosoftTeams-image%20(4)-2.png
“Cobb County has uniquely gone above and beyond to use data effectively to improve learning,” said LeiLani Cauthen, publisher and CEO at Learning Counsel News Media & Research.
Specifically, the tech award validates the success of the Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS). In 2023, an Ivy League study praised CTLS for improving student performance, helping educators work together, incorporating technology that directly impacts the classroom, and using real-time student data to make decisions.
Learning Counsel Research selected Cobb Schools for the tech award following the thousands of survey responses from administrators and teachers nationwide. Of the survey responses, 28% were from urban institutions, 39% were from suburban institutions, 17% were from rural institutions, and 16% were from others, including virtual schools. The survey analysis estimates tech spend and future spend by category and asks questions about K12’s highest pressures, strategies, planning and execution, teacher workload, defining teacher and student roles, numbers of apps, pedagogical models, emergency incidents, and more annually, including essays on recent achievements. 
Several members of the Cobb Schools team participated in the virtual recognition event, including Stacey Buckalew, Cobb Schools Director of CTLS Academics; Meagan Stanfill, Supervisor of Digital Transformation; and Dr. Ehsan Kattoula, Cobb Schools Assistant Superintendent of Accountability, Research and Grants. Dr. Kattoula also participated in a panel discussion on future predictions for technology in education, discussing ideas related to AI and the shifting landscape of K12 education.
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