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YouTube is a platform that’s captivated audiences across the world. Launched back in 2005, YouTube’s popularity has only skyrocketed as more people gained access to the internet. Although several other platforms like Vimeo, Vidme, and Dailymotion have tried, YouTube has stood unfaltering at its top position. In time, YouTube caught the attention of marketers around the world. Soon enough, advertisements began to show up on YouTube, from banner ads to video advertisements, all of which were built on the robust infrastructure Google provided.
Before we understand what are the popular YouTube video ideas, let’s start and see the key reasons as to why you should be interested in YouTube.
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Finding the best content for YouTube can be a daunting task, but fear not! Let's take a closer look at our curated list of the top 100 YouTube video ideas. This way, you can make informed decisions and choose the perfect content that aligns with your goals and interests.
These kinds of videos will enable you to show your audience how your business/brand operates. With this, you’re able to show off the inner workings of your business, as well as show off a human and relatable side to it. This will also help with increased views and engagement.

Here we have an example of such a video. Amazon, with this video, shows its products’ warehousing and distribution operations. The video includes footage from within factories and interviews with the many people who work there, stressing the importance of their role for the successful running of Amazon services. 
A video highlighting company culture tells the audience what your business's goals are, its values, and why it exists. Audiences relate to these videos since they usually involve interviews with people talking about why they enjoy working there. These videos are relatable to the audience and grab the attention of a potential job seeker. It also gives the audience a sneak peek into the atmosphere of a company.
A brand is only as strong as the team that works behind it. These videos help with creating a personal relationship with your audience since they show off the people who make the product/ content that the audience enjoys. The individuals in these videos can also end up becoming mascots for your brand. 

Here’s an example. This video by Olympus group focuses on the history behind the mascot making brand and the many people who make it a success. 
A product showcase video aims to show the features and benefits of a brand’s latest product offering. These videos are usually short, concise, and tell the audience exactly what they need to know. 
A product announcement can be used to show the audience a clearer look at the product or service than the product showcase. It can also include comparisons to older versions and competitors. 
These videos would help build hype about an upcoming event. It’ll also enable you to engage with your audience and build their interest, and even learn more about the event.

This is an example of a promo video for the Data Innovation Summit 2020, which hypes up the event boasting the greatest minds in tech, the most innovative companies, and more. 
These videos aim to tell users how a particular product/service works. These tend to be more useful than walls of text detailing how something works. These can also help to simplify complex concepts and features to your audience. 

For example, we have our videos on digital marketing. Concepts like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing are explained in a detailed and visual manner.
So far, hope you like the ideas we discussed in the article YouTube Video Ideas, in case of doubts, leave your questions below.
Tutorial videos give users insight and knowledge they can use. These videos can act as guides to complex information and concepts, hints, tips and tricks, and much more. 

Here we have our own Digital Marketing Course video as an example. Unlike the previous example I mentioned, this video goes into much more detail regarding each of the digital marketing concepts.
A product tutorial will detail the various features of your product/service offers. You can cover the intricacies, insights, and the best way the product can be used. This gives the audience the adequate information that they might need.

Here’s a video talking about the Headspace app, explaining its features with a creatively animated video. 
A webinar provides you with huge amounts of opportunities to interact with your audience. They’re easy, affordable, and accessible. They also have the added advantage of being reused as video content. 
Here’s an example of Simplilearn's webinar, where we interact with an industry expert and cover a multitude of topics. There’s also an ample amount of audience interaction, where the guest answers the audience’s questions whenever possible.
Live streams help build up excitement for a particular event. Thanks to their nature, they’re usually easy to make and can bring your product to a large audience at a low cost.
Let’s keep at it and cover more interested YouTube Video Ideas for 2023.
AMA or ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions are usually pre-recorded or Livestream sessions that include questions collated from the audience members. Although it originated from Reddit, this form of content is attracting a lot of attention on YouTube. 

Here’s an example of an AMA session with the actor Matt Damon, where he answers questions covering a wide array of topics from Reddit. 
These videos, which usually involve someone of authority within your industry, can significantly impact growing your audience. These videos enable your audience to interact with these individuals while also allowing it to be shared on both channels as content. This also exposes your content to a new audience that might be interested in your products or services.

Here we have an example of an interview between Marques Brownlee, a popular tech YouTuber with Bill Gates. The interview covers a wide variety of topics and maintains a pleasant tone throughout. 
A testimonial video helps bring focus on the positive feedback received from a client or customer. These provide not only social proof but also a different and unique perspective on your products and services. This increases the relatability, shareability, and credibility of your brand. 

Here is an example, we have Simplilearn’s video that covers a learner's journey as he grew in his career, thanks to his Simplilearn certification. These videos can also encourage people to take up that product or service,
Whiteboard videos enable you to communicate complex information in a visually appealing manner. Usually, it involves a trained expert detailing and breaking down complex concepts on a whiteboard. Recent times have also shown growth in digital whiteboard videos, where they are successful thanks to the visual storytelling and the charisma of the narrator.

Here, we have an example of a whiteboard video by Simplilearn that covers the various concepts of social media marketing with the help of an engaging narrative and visuals.
Competitions or contest videos enable your audience to involve themselves with your channel. These videos help you, with little effort, to create fresh and original content. 

Here’s an interesting example from the Foldable Flight Channel: Users would submit their ideas for paper airplanes that would fly the farthest. This helped the channel grow significantly with increased engagement.
Lists are some of the most commonly found content on YouTube. List videos represent content that is easy to make, digest, and create. These videos can cover a wide range of domains, be it best products, techniques, technologies, and more. These videos increase users’ involvement in your channel while providing them with valuable information. 

Here’s an example of a list we’ve created on the top 10 skills you need to become a data analyst in 2023. If you’re interested, don’t forget to check it out.
Case studies talk about how your users/clients have benefitted from your product/service. These videos increase the likability and reliability of your brand. 

Here we have a video that analyzes Coca Cola’s marketing campaigns and what made them so special. 
Let’s now talk about videos that both individual creators and brands can create. 
These videos usually involve the opening of packages for the first time. Although popular in the technical domain, these videos have also found success in the field of fashion apparel. These videos enable users to experience the product, and sometimes, even decide between rival products. 

Here’s an example of the PS5 being unboxed by Marques Brownlee. He goes into detail regarding the console’s specifications, different components, and more. 
Tech review videos will enable you to talk about the various features, what you liked, what you did not, specifications, price, and more.

Here’s an example of the one plus eight pros being reviewed in detail, covering its many features, advantages, disadvantages, and more. 
And finally, we have
As the name suggests, you’re reacting to content like a movie trailer, music videos, tv episodes, and more. These videos also help you with improved engagement and relatability.

Here we have an example of one such reaction channel in which teenagers react to the latest trends. 
What YouTube videos should I create first? It is a question you can have if you're just getting started. We believe it's wise to start with two types of videos: those that serve as introductions and those that respond to frequently asked topics.
Your first YouTube video doesn't have to be anything complicated. A brief self-introduction video is a great approach to start things going.
Talk about your company's why, how, and what in the form of an "about us" film.
Another excellent video idea for your channel is to respond to inquiries. Anything could be the subject. You must choose a few ambiguous questions related to some topic and begin responding to them.
Never be embarrassed to demonstrate and discuss your expertise in a process if you feel that you are one. In this situation, your audience will recognize you as a subject-matter expert.
To create the context for the content on your channel and let your audience know what to expect, introduce yourself, discuss your goals, give a little about your background, and discuss your reasons.
Share your thoughts on everything from politics to religion to legal rights problems like gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights, and maybe even black holes and time travel if you know some physics.
Make a film introducing the people that run your business to the public. Viewers are more likely to engage with your firm when they can see the people behind the brand.
Vlogging may be anything you want it to be, just like textual blogging can be. It can be informative, entertaining, or even personal.
Explainer videos are often used to briefly introduce a good, service, business, or app. YouTube is a great site to feature any videos your business may have for maximum exposure.
Utilize this well-liked video format to give audiences a look behind the curtain. For example, you can display your room, house, workplace, neighborhood, or favorite location.
Take viewers through a typical day in your routine, starting when you first wake up on camera.
A way to demonstrate your company's values to clients and potential employees is through videos emphasizing a fun and pleasant culture.
People enjoy having an insider's perspective. By letting them into the inner workings of your business, you can strengthen your relationship with them.
Another fantastic option for keeping your audience entertained and engaging them in fresh ways is to share the beautiful moments you had with your family.
It is an excellent approach for your audience to learn more about you and for you to demonstrate your personality.
It is a unique approach to sharing your journey if you're willing to be publically expressive.
Give your audience a step-by-step procedure to follow so they can produce something independently.
How-to videos are an excellent method to answer people's queries and provide them with step-by-step directions for performing a task they are unfamiliar with.
Interview interesting people willing to express their thoughts on issues your audience will find interesting.
Show viewers how to make a favorite family dish, demonstrate a culinary or food preparation skill, and provide your best cooking advice.
A tutorial video is an exciting and practical choice for viewers, whether you demonstrate your product or want to show others how to utilize a service or application you use and love.
Make lengthy or concise videos that explain a concept entirely. For example, explainer videos can help businesses better explain to their audience what they do or how their products function.
Analyze the principles behind how things work or what creates them in the first place, such as the science behind traceurs or awkwardness.
Share your thoughts on the most recent events, discuss the week's top news articles, make an event timeline, or conduct interviews to find out how others felt about significant happenings.
Videos on yoga, circuit training, stretching, and form are all trendy subjects.
Put the recording of any instructional webinars or presentations you've given on YouTube so that anyone who missed them can watch them later.
Facts and information that may be dull or challenging to understand can be presented interestingly and appealingly using infographics.
An animated video displaying someone drawing on a whiteboard is a typical example of a whiteboard video. They appeal to viewers and are a compelling approach to explaining complex concepts.
Go live and answer the questions regularly posed about a subject by your viewers or even online. 
Do you have proof that a widely held assumption is untrue? Then, dispel the myth and explain why it is inaccurate. Conveying information is about making people feel like they've learned something new, and these videos are frequently watched and well-liked.
Reviews of products are a key to gaining customers' trust. Customer reviews are seen as a deal-breaker or determining factor by 77 percent of internet customers.
Movie reviews are frequently available. However, some critics can still convey the plot more effectively than the actual film. So, if you live and breathe movies, this is for you.
The experience of reading books is comparable to traveling. Additionally, each journey takes time and effort. Therefore, if you enjoy reading a lot, utilize your knowledge to assist others in selecting the best trip.
If you are an expert at locating the best video games, assist your audience in making the best purchases.
Testimonials must be a component of your video strategy if you own a business. This kind of video offers "social proof" and promotes confidence in your business.
Review new products, contrast two products with identical features or those released simultaneously, conduct early-bird previews, or even create an unboxing video of a new product.
A humorous video can help you become popular online. Because they made viewers laugh and share, many of YouTube's most popular videos became such.
You can record and share with your audience each time your baby or pet does  something cute, odd, or humorous.
The majority of the time, challenge videos create viral trends. Therefore, several channels compile popular videos from various social media sites and upload them to YouTube.
Capture and share your reactions to funny movie sequences, trailers, or music videos.
Remixing and covering your favorite performances enable you to connect with fans of the original performer. You can also make lyrical videos of the music you like.
Play harmless pranks on people, then upload the results to your channel.
Make fun of the characters in famous songs, movies, and television series by hilariously imitating them and exaggerating for comedy effect.
Create parodies of well-known songs, movies, and television series by making amusing character impersonations and exaggerating for comedy effect.
Playing online challenges is enjoyable and makes for captivating videos.
Bloopers from your shot are a great way to show your audience the authentic, unfiltered side of you while also creating a humorous film.
You can create a fantastic YouTube video out of your pastime. Then, have an incredible lip-sync battle by turning up the volume on your favorite music, inviting friends to participate, and having fun!
If you're an expert at trickery, upload videos to YouTube and leave viewers wondering.
Give your audience a thorough rundown of the capabilities, features, and tips for maximizing the use of the software or product in hand.
A popular YouTube genre is speed-run videos, which show players beating a game as quickly as possible.
There are vibrant online communities where participants in action sports like skating, snowboarding/skiing, and surfing may display their tricks. Athletes and sports teams will also compile their best plays for YouTube to attract sponsors or recruiters and captivate spectators.
Watching time-lapse videos is exceptionally impressive. A time-lapse video is simple to make. Capture a long event, accelerate the video, and compress days or weeks' worth of footage to a few minutes.
YouTube is the ideal platform for sharing your theories on what truly happened after your favorite film.
A video mashup creates a new video from several unconnected segments. Typically humorous mashups can blend two different songs, movie clips, or any other mix of sources.
Collectors frequently use YouTube videos to express their passion for collecting.
People enjoy watching others open YouTube boxes, whether for the most recent iPhone, a trendy subscription box, or the hottest toy.
Fashion and beauty vloggers are especially fond of this type of video. For example, following a shopping trip, display your purchases.
Create a video to show your audience what's in your makeup bag or closet.
Allow viewers to peer into your phone to see your most important apps.
Share tech industry news and updates or reveal the most recent rumors.
Make movies for technology enthusiasts and newcomers that break down complicated ideas or highlight fascinating trends.
Extreme endurance videos that put technology to the test in harsh environments are entertaining to make and a pleasure for your audience.
One of the fascinating types of videos might be this one. Discuss the fascinating evolution of technology and gadgets by creating a timeline for your audience.
Show your equipment and setup to your audience by taking them behind the scenes or assisting them in setting up their hardware or software.
Share hints, tips, and hacks with your audience to help them get the most out of their electronics.
These are items you need daily, cannot leave the house without, or constantly have in your backpack. Make a video introducing these things and explaining why you can't live without them.
Investigate further and discuss the characteristics and functionalities of the products in greater detail with your audience.
Every day, something new is created. Be among the first to use and share videos about the latest device or gadget.
Review affordable tech products for your audience's wallets and the cheapest in their field.
After a successful game, every sports fan expects an analysis of the match. You may satisfy this need by going live on your channel and engaging with the YouTube community throughout an ongoing game.
Talk about sports-related news and updates with your YouTube audience.
Share unforgettable moments from your favorite sport, singularly or all at once.
Share a video showing your favorite athletes' training methods and workout schedules.
Sports fans enjoy going back and seeing their favorite plays repeatedly. Cover top or best scores, innings, shots, etc.
Each game has a remarkable history, some of which are legendary rivals. Create a video explaining it.
You can post the speeches of your favorite athletes or compile the most motivational ones to create a film.
Give your viewers a glimpse into the life of one of your favorite athletes by sharing their backstory, highlighting their most significant accomplishments, and discussing their early years in sports.
Show your viewers the weirdest or funniest sporting moments they could have missed.
You can do a live stream of an important match. Your views will get your live reactions and the chances of engagement will increase. 
Cover the basics of different sports and their rules for beginners to catch-up. This will help you add new users to your channel. 
Marketing on YouTube isn’t just about coming up with ideas. You need to tailor those ideas to your brand. To do that, follow these simple digital marketing tips:
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If you haven’t created a YouTube channel for your brand before, or you need a reboot, getting a firm grip on your target audience is a key first step. Of your primary audience, which personas would be most likely to engage with video content? What do those consumers want? You can begin to frame your YoutUbe video marketing ideas based on the interests of this target group.
What are your competitors doing on YouTube? What kinds of videos do they produce? You can adapt some of their YouTube video ideas for your market. If they have a successful series of product reviews, consider starting a similar series of your own. You can also research holes in the market – maybe no one in your niche has done a Q&A series with industry experts, and you can fill that gap. 
Conduct market research on popular topics in your niche. What subjects do people want to know about? When you create high-quality content around trending topics, it’s more likely to be a hit.
If you already have a YouTube account, revamp it. Update old content with new graphics. Depending on the subject, you might need to update information within the video too. While you’re updating content, you can optimize your videos for search using keywords in the video title, description, and tags. 
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Now, let’s see some amazing YouTube video ideas for 2023.
YouTube Marketing plays an essential role in Digital Marketing. If you already know how to handle a youtube channel, then you are a Digital Marketer! Strengthen digital skills with our IMT Ghaziabad Digital Marketing program. Master skills like SEO, SEM, PPC, Analytics and more. Enroll now!

YouTube channels that tend to do well encompass a wide range of content categories, including but not limited to: vlogs, tutorials, gaming, beauty and fashion, comedy sketches, educational content, product reviews, and lifestyle tips. The key is to create high-quality, engaging videos that cater to your target audience's interests and preferences.
The amount of money YouTube pays for 1,000 views can vary significantly. It depends on various factors such as the geographic location of your viewers, the demographic profile of your audience, the type of ads displayed, and the overall engagement with the ads. On average, YouTubers can expect to earn anywhere from $0.25 to $2 per 1,000 views. However, it is important to note that these figures are estimates and individual earnings may vary.
Yes, YouTube pays its creators on a monthly basis. The exact payment schedule can vary slightly depending on your location and the payment threshold you have set in your AdSense account.
Certain topics tend to have higher earning potential on YouTube due to their popularity and advertiser demand. Some lucrative niches include finance and investing, technology reviews, health and wellness, travel vlogging, and beauty and fashion. However, it's important to note that success on YouTube is not solely determined by the topic; content quality, audience engagement, and consistency are also vital factors in generating revenue.

Rahul is a Senior Research Analyst at Simplilearn. Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning are some of his favorite topics of discussion. Rahul can be found listening to music, doodling, and gaming.
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