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Russ Henneberry, a digital marketing consultant and founder at, describes the main elements of a successful digital marketing campaign.
A winning campaign has five major elements, according to Henneberry. First is the offer: What product are you presenting to the marketplace?
Second is persona: Whom are you speaking to?
Third is position: Why is your solution the correct choice among all of your competition? In other words, “What are you best in the world at?”
Fourth is proof: Henneberry calls it “the gas on the fire.” It’s a matter of reinforcing the marketer’s position through such methods as testimonials, statistics and scientific data. “It proves you should own that position in the marketplace,” he says.
Fifth and last is having a plan. Together these five elements serve as the “tailwinds” of marketing, Henneberry says — the means by which sellers can convince buyers of the value of their products and services. Without them, “you’re flying a plane into headwinds.”
The five elements are crucial to crafting a comprehensive strategy that includes the essential marketing “pillars” of branding, content development and lead generation. All lead to the ability to “own space in someone’s mind.”
Where marketers often get it wrong is failing to move quickly enough with a plan. “The digital marketing landscape is a wonderful place because we can test things very quickly,” Henneberry says. “But in order to get feedback, you have to put something out to the market.” Only then can marketers adjust the plan to have maximum effect.
Henneberry will lead a Master Class and Interactive Learning Lab on “Designing and Developing Your Winning Campaign” at the Global Supply Chain Marketing Summit, set for June 5-7, 2024 on Amelia Island, Florida.
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