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"Pure evil" is the headline on the front page of The Daily Mirror, which carries pictures of Brianna Ghey's teenage killers Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, after a judge ruled they could be publicly identified. The Daily Express' front page is similar – it calls them "evil monsters" and "sadistic young killers".
The Guardian picks out a quote from the judge that the 16 year-olds were "exceptionally brutal" and adds that the Crown Prosecution Service said it was "one of the most disturbing cases" its lawyers had ever dealt with. The Daily Mail focuses on comments from the victim's mother, that Ratcliffe stabbed Brianna Ghey because he "hated trans people", and that Jenkinson did it "for fun". The Daily Telegraph says Scarlett Jenkinson was obsessed with serial killers and a "lust for fame" that led to murder.
The Times leads on what it calls the "outcry" that the man wanted for an attack with a corrosive substance in London was given asylum, despite a conviction for sexual assault. Abdul Ezedi had claimed to have converted to Christianity, but people who knew him have told the paper he was a "good Muslim" who said he wanted to return to Afghanistan to find a wife, and who regularly shopped for halal meat.
The i leads on a poll which, it says, puts pressure on the Chancellor to cut income tax in the Spring Budget to ease the cost of living crisis. Its BMG Research survey of more than 1,500 people found the majority of voters believe they pay too much tax, with almost half wanting help for lower earners. The poll also suggests Labour's lead over the Conservatives has narrowed by two points to 15 per cent since November, but Sir Keir Starmer's personal ratings increased slightly.
The Royal Navy has abandoned major warship patrols around the Falkland Islands according to The Daily Telegraph. It says, despite an official policy to patrol the south Atlantic, no large British warship has visited the area for almost seven years due to shortages. The paper understands that the defence of the islands is now down to a small patrol vessel and four Typhoon fighter jets. It reports that Rishi Sunak is facing calls to review security after Argentina's new government announced a package of military spending. A Ministry of Defence source tells the paper it will always defend the Falkland Islanders' rights to self-determination.
The FT reports that the owner of Range Rover, JLR, is so worried about vehicle thefts it's been spending its own money on police operations at UK ports. The company's boss, Adrian Mardell, has called on the government to delay tax cuts and hire more police to stop stolen vehicles being taken abroad by criminal gangs. The FT says the business has been plagued by thefts of its luxury vehicles and has seen a huge rise in insurance costs.
And The Daily Star's front page is devoted to new research about how much people spend to keep romance alive in a relationship. According the paper's sums there is a price on love, and it's £9.67 a day.
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