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Confused between the iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16? Here’s a direct comparison between the two to help you decide whether to wait or not.
Apple launches new iPhones every year but saves the best features for the Pro models. The regular iPhone usually ends up with an older chip, a so-so display, and a camera system without high-end extras. This year’s iPhone 15, however, was a considerable upgrade. It brought better cameras and the all-new Dynamic Island.
That said, Apple seems to be shaking things up with the next iPhone, the iPhone 16. It could feature a new A-series chipset along with improvements in battery life and display. This brings us to the golden question— should you wait for the iPhone 16 or get the current iPhone 15?
We compare the iPhone 15 vs iPhone 16 to help make your choice easier.
The new iPhone 16 could bring an updated design. Apple could move away from the diagonal camera layout and bring back the vertical arrangement seen on the iPhone 12. The Dynamic Island seen on iPhone 15 is here to stay, however, Apple could reduce the bezels on the front.
iPhone 16 could also introduce a new “Capture Button”. While the exact function of this button is not known, the name suggests it may be a camera shutter button. The display size will likely remain the same as the iPhone 15. However, Apple is reported to significantly bump up the Pro model’s size.
Apple could continue to use a 60Hz display on the iPhone 16, which is definitely a bummer. Most Android phones, even the ones that cost less than $200, offer at least a 90Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate translates into a smoother scrolling experience. It becomes important considering how much time most people spend scrolling through their phones.
The new iPhone could, however, use a more efficient display. Reports suggest it will be equipped with a Micro-lens technology for both improved brightness and reduced power consumption.
Apple introduced a new 48MP main sensor with the iPhone 15. This complements the 12MP ultrawide shooter present on the phones. The iPhone now snaps images with much higher detail, as it captures more information with each shot.
With its new 48MP image sensor, the iPhone 15 now offers a 2X sensor crop, enabling 2X zoom with image quality similar to that of a dedicated telephoto camera.
The upcoming iPhone 16 is likely going to retain this camera setup, for better or worse. The Pro phones, however, will be receiving a serious upgrade in the camera department.
iPhone 16 is rumored to bring a new chipset, but it won’t be the A17 Pro chip found on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Instead, the phone could use an A17 chip manufactured on TSMC’s inferior N3E process. This would help Apple keep the costs in control.
Separately, an analyst claims all four models in the iPhone 15 series will be powered by A18 series chips. The A18 series could include two chips, both made using the N3E manufacturing process. However, the chip that will be powering the iPhone 16 Pro models might get an extra GPU core that the regular chips won’t have.
Apple could also bump up the RAM on the iPhone 16 from 6GB to 8GB. The storage options are expected to remain the same— 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.
Elsewhere, the iPhone 16 could bring Wi-Fi 7 technology as well as an Apple-made 5G model, which might offer performance and efficiency improvements.
Apple may also raise the price of the upcoming iPhone 16. A DigiTimes report states that the iPhone 16 Pro will be $200 more expensive than the iPhone 15 Pro. However, there is no word on how the price of the base model will be affected.
Base iPhone models don’t often see significant upgrades and the iPhone 16 won’t be an exception. If the leaks and rumors are true, the new iPhone is barely going to be any better than the iPhone 15. So, if you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, getting the standard iPhone 15 won’t be a bad decision.
If you already have an iPhone 15, upgrading to the iPhone 16 might not be worth your while unless you’re super into the iPhone 12’s vertical camera setup. That said, a bunch of new flagships are now available. OnePlus 12 will be a solid smartphone below $1000. Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series might also interest you.
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