February 2024 – School Transportation News

Learn more about Danger Zone safety and how to utilize the technology & training available to further student safety, including dispatcher training, video reviews of drivers, tablets onboard the school bus and student ridership verification apps. Also, find out what the research shows regarding lap and shoulder belts for the school bus and what student transporters think about installing them.
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Cover Story
Investing in the People
Training drivers is one piece of the Danger Zone safety puzzle. Technology is another. But students and parents complete the picture.
Efficiency Booster
For states that allow them, tablets mounted inside school buses are helping to make drivers’ jobs easier.
Put Me In, Coach
Using video footage to review school bus driver actions behind the wheel can be a powerful coaching tool.
Special Reports
‘Great Debate’ Reignited?
Some student transporters remain cautious about equipping school buses with lap/shoulder seatbelts despite what research shows.
Apps Increase Efficiency But Require Due Diligence
In an era where even pizzas can be tracked, student transporters are realizing the benefits to parent apps.
Ad Index
Editor’s Take by Ryan Gray
Lessons to Be Learned From the Uvalde Shooting
Thought Leader by Launi Harden
The Voice on the Radio
Publisher’s Corner by Tony Corpin
Should I Buy an Electric School Bus?


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