5 Fixes for iPhone 15 Pro Max Not Charging – The Mac Observer

If you’ve struggled with the iPhone 15 Pro Max not charging, you’re not alone. I’ve experienced the same issue barely two weeks after buying the device. Here are the top five most effective methods users employ to fix this error.

Time needed: 5 minutes
Here’s how you can perform a soft reset on your iPhone 15 Pro Max:
Before restoring the device, you must back up your iPhone to avoid losing important data. 
Cross-check to make sure the charging devices aren’t damaged. Furthermore, ensure the charging port on the iPhone is debris-free before charging.
Although performing a soft reset worked initially, it wasn’t a permanent solution. I’ve had to revisit the Apple store to have my device replaced. If none of the above solutions works, kindly visit an Apple store close to you. You may have to pay additional charges if your iPhone 15 Pro Max no longer has a warranty.
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