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30 October 2023 News Headlines in English for School Assembly: You can check the list of detailed news headlines for the morning assembly from all major sectors like politics, entertainment, politics, sports, world affairs, technology and more here.
30th October, School News Headlines Today: The morning assembly is a widespread school custom and remains popular even to this day. Students and teachers gather on the school grounds every morning for the event.
The format of the assembly can vary depending on the type of school, but the main ones are similar everywhere. The principal or any other top school authority says a few words, and students read the news headlines. Talent shows, speeches, debates and role-plays are also organized.
Singing prayers, performing yoga and physical exercises can also be included in the morning school assembly. However, today we bring you the latest news headlines as they help educate students about global and domestic affairs.
You can check out the news headlines for 30 October to be read during the morning school assembly below.
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1) Matthew Perry, star of popular TV sitcom Friends, passed away at age 54 due to drowning.
2) Israel launched its second phase of the war with Hamas with a ground invasion of Gaza.
3) Israel warned Elon Musk against offering communication support to Gaza and snapped ties with Starlink.
4) India abstained from the UNGA vote on humanitarian truce and ceasefire in Gaza.
5) 16-year-old girl Armita Geravand passed away after being assaulted by Iran’s morality police for not wearing a Hijab.
“Sometimes the poor are praised for being thrifty. But to recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting. It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less.” – Oscar Wilde 
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