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Oct 24, 2023
The savage attacks Hamas inflicted upon the Israeli military and civilian population last week are utterly without justification, but not without explanation. The Arab/Israeli bloodlust has been going on since the end of World War I, most pointedly since 1947 when Zionist militias used violence to force 750,000 Palestinians from their villages and ancient homeland.
That process resulted in the establishment and international recognition of the State of Israel and the confinement of the Palestinian people to the Gaza strip in the west and to the West Bank in the east. Rather than amalgamate these folks into a democratic society — where individual rights are equal and the government respects them — Israeli governments have established an apartheid.
What role has the United States played in all this? The U.S. has been Israeli’s best and most faithful friend since Israel’s creation. Israel is about the size and population of New Jersey. New Jerseyans pay hundreds of billions in federal taxes each year and receive about $800 million annually in return. Israel, which of course pays no taxes to the U.S. government, receives $4 billion annually in what the feds euphemistically call foreign aid.
Foreign aid is nowhere authorized in the Constitution. But we all know that the federal government does what the folks who control it believe will keep them in office, whether countenanced by the Constitution or not.
This unstinting U.S. support, just like the U.S. military support for the government of Ukraine, has brought about the deaths of innocents, and it has brought Israel and Ukraine to the most dangerous and unstable precipice that either country has stood upon in the past 50 years.
Instead of negotiating or even spending for peace, the U.S. has encouraged and paid for wars. Instead of using its enormous economic might to facilitate prosperity, the U.S. has, quoting U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, “projected power on both fronts,” meaning in the Middle East and in Ukraine. Power? It has projected and caused death and destruction, just as the U.S. did with its “power” in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Is that the goal of U.S. foreign policy — to project power? If it is, it is not working.
My friend and colleague, former Rep. Dr. Ron Paul, has argued eloquently not only that Russia has won the war in Ukraine despite U.S. efforts to use Ukraine as a battering ram to impair Vladimir Putin’s presidency, but that Hamas has won its war with Israel. How so? Hamas’s goal was to bring out the worst in the Netanyahu government and to arouse support for a Palestinian state among Arab and Muslim peoples. In that respect, Hamas has succeeded. Israeli rage is justified. But the intentional slaughter of innocents — Israeli or Palestinian — is not.
Where does all this leave the United States and the American people?
U.S. foreign policy — no matter who is in the White House or which major political party controls Congress — stokes festering rage wherever it goes. What will that bring us? As of this writing, it is bringing 2,000 American troops to Tel Aviv. History shows indisputably that when all else fails, governments bring us to war.
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