Digital Dubai Authority issues warning against WhatsApp hacking attempts – Gulf News

Victims invited to join groups, sensitive data being compromised
Dubai: The Digital Dubai Authority has issued an urgent warning in response to a significant surge in hacking attempts targeting WhatsApp users.
In recent hours, instances of attempts to compromise individuals’ WhatsApp accounts have seen a dramatic increase.
Fraudsters are sending messages via WhatsApp using the names of individuals known to the recipient. These deceptive messages coax recipients into clicking on a link, purportedly to join a group. However, this is merely a ruse to gain the recipient’s trust and access their sensitive data.
Furthermore, these malicious actors are exploring various scenarios to gain control, even going so far as to request sensitive financial information, such as bank card details.
The Authority strongly advised WhatsApp users to remain vigilant and exercise caution when confronted with any suspicious messages or requests.
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