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It is common for manufacturers like Apple and Samsung to use slightly improved displays on their successive handsets, but as far as the iPhone 15 Pro Max goes, DxOMark found no differences between its panel and the one used on last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. Overall, Apple’s latest and greatest obtained the highest score in the ‘Readability’ category but struggled in others, so let us take a look at those details.
With an overall score of 149, the iPhone 15 Pro Max lags behind several foldable flagships, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Google Pixel Fold. DxOMark claims that the 6.7-inch flagship shares similarities with the iPhone 14 Pro Max but believes that further improvements can be made in future releases.
“The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is very similar to its predecessor overall, sharing fourth place with the 14 Pro Max in our Display database, coming in behind the Honor Magic5 Pro and the latest folding phones from Google and Samsung. The 15 Pro Max’s performance in our readability category leads all others among smartphones tested to date. In other categories, the 15 Pro Max shows a strong performance in motion and in artifacts management; and although color and video performances are good, those attributes still have room for improvement.”
The lowest score obtained by the iPhone 15 Pro Max was in the ‘Color’ category, with DxOMark stating that photos looked more appealing and vivid, but the saturation levels under direct sunlight in high brightness mode were too strong on the faces and skin tones. There were also some instances where skin tone appearance degradation was occurring, so it is likely that DxOMark shaved some points off from this category.
Just to remind you, DisplayMate awarded the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 15 accolades and said that last year’s flagship had the best display on a smartphone ever. While we can understand that DxOMark’s testing methodology of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will differ compared to others, it will still be interesting to see what verdict DisplayMate gives to the latest model. If you wish to check out the entire review, make sure to click on the link below.
News Source: DxOMark
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