Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 Pro get color E ink … –

E ink specialist Reink Stone is offering one of the most unusual protective cases for the Apple iPhone in the Reink Case C1, for it features a 3.7-inch E ink display on the back that can reproduce images in four colors. You can select any image using the corresponding smartphone app, which is then transferred to the E ink display via NFC.

The app offers a series of filters that simplify photos in terms of color so that they can be displayed as clearly as possible on the E ink panel. The case is also powered via the iPhone’s NFC chip. Since E ink displays only consume power when the screen content changes, the case should not affect the iPhone’s battery life.

The case features a fold-out stand that can be freely adjusted from 0 to 115 degrees to hold the iPhone upright in landscape mode. Cutouts in the case also allow a wrist strap to be attached. The frame is made of TPU and the buttons of metal, while the back is supposed to feel similar to the textured glass of the iPhone 15 and should be immune to fingerprints. The manufacturer emphasizes that the case is not compatible with MagSafe accessories, but wireless charging via a Qi charging pad is still possible.

Prices and availability
The Reink Case C1 is available via the manufacturer’s website for US$79, either for the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15 or the associated Pro and Pro Max versions.

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