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Yordan 22 September 2023
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Apple introduced the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max last week. Today, the devices are finally available in all major markets, both online and offline. If you cannot get to an Apple store right now or the new phones haven’t arrived yet, you should check out our 3D models.
The visualizations are made by Binkies 3D, and we have been working together for over three years. Most popular smartphones can be seen in all dimensions, and you, our beloved readers, can get a greater understanding of the smartphone’s size, bezels and overall design.
The 3D model of the phone can be found on its specs page, in the Pictures tab and scrolling down – the visualization is usually after the still photos. It works both in mobile and desktop versions of our website, as well as our Android app.
Navigation is pretty easy – on touch-enabled devices, you can simply drag the model to rotate it, while desktop users can use their mouse and scroll wheel. We also have a Full-Screen view for a closer look and a quick comparison tool next to a standard credit card.
And now, after explaining how our 3D models work, here are the four new Apple iPhone 15 devices in all their colors.
Apple iPhone 15
Apple iPhone 15 Plus
Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
wait until Samsung goes with natural titanium with the next S series and you will like it and no more doll Typical hypocrite
It is for the chip that receives AM/FM/XM/NOAA/SW and DAB radio for in case the internet breaks down during a significant emergency or for regularly listening to programs without internet
Pro-model colors are corporate depressing. Reminds me of work.
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