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Here’s how to look after your animals in Coral Island.
Coral Island is a game that revolves around owning a farm and growing crops, but it wouldn't be complete without the option to have a few animals to tend to. From cute little baby cows to llamas, the possibilities are endless when it comes to livestock​​​​​​.
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If you're looking to add a few new animals to your farm, keep reading to find out how to purchase animals in Coral Island, how to start caring for them, and how to make money from their produce.
There are a couple of livestock you can own if you have enough space on your farm. You'll first need to go to the Carpenter and ask them to build you a barn, a coop, or a stable.
Once the building is ready, head to the Ranch to purchase the animals you want. Below is a table where you will find all the animals you can buy and the buildings they require.

Milk or Large Milk

Egg or Large Egg

In the future, you will be able to buy more animals — like ducks— from the Ranch by improving your town's rank. However, these new animals have not been released yet.
Horses are in-game mounts that allow you to move faster around the island.
To get a coop, stable or barn built on your farm, you will need to gather the required materials, and then the Carpenter a visit to purchase the building you're interested in. Below is a table with all the buildings needed for ranching and what you need to build them.
Coop Level 1

Barn Level 1


Once the animals are on your farm, you will need to feed them daily and pet them to keep them happy. The happier the animal is, the more likely it will be for it to produce a larger version of its regular product. You can see how much an animal likes you by checking the hearts in their relationship bar.
You need to use a Milk pail (you can buy one from the Ranch for 300g) to milk cows. This milk can be sold or turned into an artisan product using artisan equipment. For example, milk can be turned into cheese using a cheese press, but it can also be turned into yogurt if you have a yogurt machine and can even be turned into butter using a mason jar.
Eggs can also be sold or turned into mayonnaise using the Mayonnaise machine.
Animal needed

Large Egg


Large Milk

When turning produce into artisan goods, remember that things like the quality of the product and its version (large or not) will determine how much profit you'll make.
Animal Product Needed
Artisan Equipment Needed
Mayonnaise Machine

Large Mayonnaise
Large Egg
Mayonnaise Machine

Cheese Press

Cheese Wheel
Large Milk
Cheese Press

Yogurt Machine

Large Yogurt
Large Milk
Yogurt Machine

To improve your Ranching Skill, you will need to take care of animals daily. To mark your progress, this skill has ten different levels, some of which grant nice bonuses as shown below.
What It Unlocks
Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 6

With each new level you reach, you will be given Ranching Skill Points that you can spend on the following Skills.
What It Does
Animal Feed I
Chance for animal feed to stay filled the next day. (Ten percent chance.)
Animal Feed II
Increased chance for animal feed to stay filled the next day. (20 percent chance.)
Double Products
Chance to harvest double animal products. (Five percent increase.)
Fast Friends I
Lowers the time to befriend animals. (Five percent increase in rate.)
Fast Friends II
Lowers the time to befriend animals. (Ten percent increase in rate.)
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