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Oct 10, 2023
Gov. Doug Burgum and North Dakota’s congressional delegation released statements about the Hamas-led attack against Israel.
Burgum also connected by phone Monday morning with Father Phil Ackerman of Holy Cross Catholic Church in West Fargo, who is among a group of 84 North Dakotans in Bethlehem awaiting flights back to the United States.
“The attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel is reprehensible, and the fact it occurred on a Jewish holiday is despicable. We stand with our democratic ally Israel while lifting up in prayer the victims of these horrific attacks,” said Burgum. “We also pray for the safe return of the priests and parishioners from North Dakota congregations who are anxiously waiting to board flights home. Today we reached out to the U.S. State Department and spoke with Father Ackerman, offering to assist however possible to help ensure the safe return of those North Dakotans and all Americans wanting to return to U.S. soil.”
“We condemn this horrific attack by Hamas against Israel and offer our condolences and prayers to all of the victims,” said Sen. John Hoeven, R-ND. “We stand with our ally and remain committed to supporting Israel as it defends itself. Further, we must hold Iran accountable for its sponsorship of Hamas and other terrorist organizations. It is imperative that we contain Iran and put the greatest pressure possible on the regime to cease its efforts to destabilize its neighbors and spread violence.”
“Today (Saturday) is a sad day, and I pray for all the victims of this unprovoked and senseless terrorist attack on Israel. I stand with our ally in the face of this naked aggression by Iran and its pawn, Hamas, and condemn these terrorist acts. The United States must unequivocally support Israel’s right to defend itself from brutal terrorists and those who support their immoral actions,” said Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-ND.
He continued, “While Hamas and Iran own this evil, we must also recognize President Biden’s role and foreign policy these last three years where he coddled our enemies, punished our friends, and left the world second guessing our commitment. Why would Iran show restraint when this administration has ignored Iran’s targeting of American citizens as well as its nuclear growth and continued sponsorship of terror? This administration also accepted attacks in Syria, Iraq, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, ignored Iranian attacks on ships in the Arabian Gulf, ignored their supplying of weapons to Russia used to kill civilians in Ukraine, and rewarded Iran’s kidnapping of American citizens with a $6 billion ransom. Why would Hamas show restraint when the Biden administration has worked with the Taliban, drawn equivalency between the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and our ally Saudi Arabia, and stood by as terrorist actions occur daily against Israel?
“America’s strength and its role in the world matters, no matter what some on either side of the aisle may think. Terror, hate, and aggression do not stop unless confronted. Iran will not stop with the fall of Israel any more than Russia would with the fall of Ukraine. As the strongest nation in the world, we must wisely choose where our leadership is needed, whether through clear foreign policy or direct support.”
“When the U.S. leaves a vacuum, the rest of the world fills the void. This is a moment when we need to be strong and clear in support of our friend and ally Israel, while diametrically opposing the terrorism of Iran and Hamas.”
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