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A number of papers lead with the news that police have received a report of an alleged sexual assault in 2003 following media allegations against comedian and actor Russell Brand.
The Times says a fifth accuser went to police just hours after the Times, the Sunday Times, and Channel 4's Dispatches first reported that Brand had been accused of sexual assault by four other women. The Sun's headline asks: "How many more?" The paper says it understands that more alleged victims are "set to come forward to talk to police". Brand has strongly denied any wrongdoing.
The Guardian leads with a warning from the Metropolitan Police that it will take years to root out rogue officers. The paper reports that figures from the force show some 201 officers are currently suspended, while around 860 are on restricted duties. It says a "soul-searching overhaul of culture and standards" prompted by recent scandals involving serving officers has accelerated sackings, with 100 dismissals for gross misconduct in the past 12 months.
The Daily Telegraph says doctors could be forced to work during strikes under plans to protect patients during successive walkouts. It says ministers are proposing the introduction of "minimum service level" regulations which would guarantee a defined level of staffing. The Health Secretary Steve Barclay has told the paper that the dangers posed by what he calls the "relentless and escalating" actions of the British Medical Association meant that the steps were necessary. Consultants begin two days of strikes on Tuesday, with junior doctors also walking out on Wednesday.
For the Daily Mail, a pledge by the Labour leader to get a better deal from the EU if he becomes prime minister is – in the words of its headline – "proof you can't trust Starmer on Brexit". Sir Keir has spoken about a closer trading relationship with the EU. The Mail says Conservative MPs are warning that he will surrender Britain's sovereignty and take it back to "square one".
The Daily Express says the number of people who have signed its petition calling on the government to preserve the triple lock on pensions has reached – "190,000 and counting…" it says.
The paper says polling shows more than half the nation supports keeping the measure – which guarantees that pensions rise in line with wages, inflation, or 2.5%, whichever is greatest – but that the pensions minister, Laura Trott, has refused to confirm whether pensions will go up next year as much as expected.
And the Daily Telegraph, the Sun, and the Express all feature pictures of the Princess of Wales laughing as she tries on a lifejacket at the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton in Somerset. She pulled the jacket's cord and, the Telegraph says, was taken aback by how quickly it inflated.
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