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By Eric Townsend, staff
October 3, 2023
A September program in downtown Greensboro marked a return to in-person professional development sponsored by the Elon Law Review.
The proliferation of technology across all industries has outpaced the ability of the law to answer important questions about personal and intellectual property, privacy, and even the very nature of liability.
How should lawyers respond? And how can they prepare for a wave of societal change brought about by artificial intelligence?
Legal scholars and practicing attorneys convened at Elon University School of Law on September 22, 2023, to discuss and debate these very ideas as part of the 2023 Elon Law Review Symposium “Hodl and Horizons: How Technology is Changing the Legal Landscape.”
This year marked the first time since the emergence of COVID-19 that Elon Law Review leaders hosted the program in person in downtown Greensboro. Dozens of registrants filled Room 207 for presentations that included remarks from Professor Edward Lee, director of the Program in Intellectual Property Law at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, who delivered the Jennings Family Lecture in Memoriam to Associate Professor Mike Rich.
Lee’s talk, “How Artificial Intelligence and Non-Fungible Tokens Impact Intellectual Property and Creativity,” called on attorneys to assist artists whose work, especially in the digital era, help to explain and define what it means to be human.
Volume 16 Elon Law Review Symposium Authors Q&A
Moderated by Campbell Kargo L’23, Symposium Editor, with introductions by Cassandra Saxton L’23, Symposium Editor
“Exploring Intellectual Property and Technology”
Moderated via Zoom by David S. Levine, Professor of Law, Elon University School of Law
“Building A Legal Career Post-COVID: Practical Insights Panel”
Moderated by Krista Contino Saumby, Associate Director of Career Development at Elon University School of Law
“Getting to work on the Symposium team was a great opportunity. I think it’s important for any law student, or person generally, to take initiative over their own education and career by unabashedly pursuing the things they are passionate about. With the world changing rapidly, especially in terms of technology, it is critical that future and current lawyers stay in tune with what is developing. Now is the time to make it clear how we want to proceed technologically in the legal field. I would encourage everyone to find ways to keep diving into these subjects, bringing communities together, and starting conversations. If we don’t, AI might do it for us.” – KimberMarie Faircloth L’23, Chief Symposium Editor
“It was an absolute joy to be part of the team bringing Elon Law Review’s Symposium back to campus, in person, for the first time since 2019. Witnessing the panelists’ and speakers’ brilliant contributions to the discussion surrounding technology and the law, being able to look around at the eager listeners in the room, and watching the networking that took place throughout the day displayed how meaningful it is for people to gather in person for events like the Symposium.” – Campbell Kargo L’23, Symposium Editor
“Organizing, hosting, and participating in the ‘Hodl and Horizons’ law review symposium has been a highlight of my time at Elon Law. The exceptional speakers and dynamic discussions highlight the importance of these events in sparking innovation. Symposiums offer unique opportunities to explore the cutting edge of law with peers and experts. In the ever-evolving landscape of law and technology, we must continue embracing such forums for intellectual growth. With each symposium, we strengthen our scholarship, fostering an environment where ideas thrive and the legal community prospers.” – Cassandra Saxton L’23, Symposium Editor
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People in this article:
David Levine
Professor of Law at the Elon University School of Law
Krista Contino Saumby
Associate Director of Career Development
Four members of Elon’s faculty discussed current events in politics, education and law at an event marking the 30th anniversary of Elon’s African and African-American Studies program.
Toma-Harrold ’23, an elementary education alumna, was recognized as a top five finalist for the 2022-2023 North Carolina Student Teacher of the Year at the North Carolina Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NCACTE) Fall Forum.
The Elon alumna produced a documentary, titled “Not Without a Trace,” for her BFA thesis project, and the film is set to screen at two upcoming film festivals in North Carolina.
Associate Professor of Music Todd Coleman received a request from the Office of Cultural & Special Programs to commission a musical piece commemorating the 1923 fire and the 100th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone for Whitley Auditorium. The debut performance of the piece will be held on Sunday, Oct. 8 at 3 p.m. in Whitley.
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