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LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Cybersecurity jobs are on the rise as the world continues to grow with the internet. Holt High School is now giving students a head start in future tech jobs.
The internet is used by every business and in almost every home. The threat of a cyber-attack leaves virtually everybody vulnerable.
Students at Holt High School are taking classes to protect the future as the World Wide Web continues to integrate with our everyday lives.
“Making sure that we are safe online, and we know how to protect ourselves and other people,” said Emiliano Garcia, a student at Holt High School. “Having a program available to hone in on a career that I am actually interested in is something I wanted to take advantage of.”
In a cybersecurity class of about 35 students, many are excited about earning college credits for their future.
One student, Amaya Norton, said her dad works in the field, but the growing industry led her to desire a job in the high-tech profession.
“Especially with all the growing jobs and the world being technology-based, it’s really good for jobs and money,” said Norton.
Lucas Schrauben, Holt’s Director of Secondary Programs, said this program is all because of student interest.
“I am just so proud of our students, to the point the students are the ones driving a lot of this for us,” said Schrauben. “We build the bridge, and they are the ones that tell us where they want that bridge to go and how we can help them with that curriculum.”
With the high cost of college, students in cybersecurity classes will be saving time and money as they transition into life beyond high school.
Davenport and Lansing Community College are among some local institutions that will accept credit for the cybersecurity class.
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