Claudia Spiegel: Radio and Digital Marketing Authority wins Saga's … –

Claudia Spiegel is a highly regarded authority in the domains of radio and digital marketing, presently leveraging her extensive expertise to benefit Saga Communications. Her remarkable achievements have merited her the esteemed Saga’s 2023 Founder Award. Beyond her professional engagements, Claudia enthusiastically engages in a range of community initiatives across North Central Ohio.

Claudia’s notable accomplishments include her certifications as a Radio Digital Marketing professional and Sales Manager, both accredited by the Radio Advertising Bureau. These certifications underscore her unwavering commitment to ongoing professional growth and development.

Fondly referred to as “the radio girl,” Claudia has made a lasting impact by serving as a Radio and Digital Marketing professional at several radio stations, including WQEL’s Iconic Rock, WBCO’s Country Legends, and Crawford County Now.
Despite the multifaceted challenges of her role, Claudia’s vibrant personality makes everything seem effortless. She lives by a simple yet profound guiding principle: “We rise by lifting others.”


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