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Even though it still feels like summer, September is now upon us. And if you’re an Apple fan that means one thing: The new iPhones will soon be here. But after 15 years, the glamour of the annual event has worn off, and truly revolutionary features have become rarer and rarer. That’s why I’m more excited about getting an iPhone 14 next week than a new iPhone 15. Assuming Apple drops the price as it has done every other year, this year’s phone will be an even better value next week.
Last year, the presentation of the new iPhone 14 wasn’t all that exciting. The most interesting new feature was the Dynamic Island, which made the new cutout for the camera and Face ID sensors Almost a year later, you could say that while the feature is quite nice, it hasn’t really changed the way we use our phones.
It is assumed that Dynamic Island will also be available for the non-Pro iPhone 15 devices this year. Hopefully, the greater platform penetration will ensure more commitment from developers to better tap into the potential of Dynamic Island. But even so, it’s probably another year away from becoming great.
But what can we expect from the presentation of the new iPhone generation? Once again, improved cameras with a better sensor and the same faster CPU that we got in the iPhone 14 Pro last year. And all of the iPhones will switch to USB-C this year, which means new cables and chargers. The colors aren’t even expected to be as good as the iPhone 14. So why wouldn’t I save some money and just spring for an iPhone 14 instead?
The iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island was supposed to be a revolutionary new feature, but it’s mostly just a gimmick.
Artur Tomala / Foundry
If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to replace your old iPhone for a while, a cheaper iPhone 14 is a great option. The performance with the A15 chip will also be more than sufficient for many more years in both cases. And as we know, Apple is known for supporting older devices for many years with iOS and security updates.
Of course, owners of a standard iPhone 14 who really want a new handset this year could consider switching to an iPhone 14 Pro. In addition to the Dynamic Island, they will then also have a slightly better display, longer battery life, a faster chip, and a higher-quality camera with a telephoto lens.
While Apple doesn’t sell older Pro phones, second-hand prices for the iPhone 14 Pro will drop significantly once the iPhone 15 arrives, which could make the price-conscious switch very attractive. Whether the advantages of the iPhone 14 Pro are attractive enough for a switch is up to you, but you’re getting a lot of what’s in the iPhone 15 for a similar price.
Price reductions can also be expected in the refurbished smartphone segment. While the refurbished iPhone 14 range is already available at some retailers, it is also likely to hit the official Apple refurbished store this fall.
If the best possible camera or Dynamic Island is important to you, definitely go for the iPhone 15. But if not, you can save at least $100 or get some extra storage for the same price.
This article originally appeared on Macwelt and was translated by Jason Cross.
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