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AdRoll, the leading marketing and advertising platform that helps direct-to-consumer brands of all sizes grow their businesses, today released the Q3 2023 edition of its State of Digital Marketing Report, a comprehensive summary providing invaluable insights into the changing digital marketing landscape in the second quarter of 2023. The report enables a deeper understanding of overall marketing trends and offers strategic ideas to improve marketing return on ad spend (ROAS) and return on investment (ROI) during these dynamic economic times.
“Amid economic uncertainty, a notable decline gripped consumer and advertising expenditures. However, we’re seeing signs of overall improvement, and now is the perfect time for marketers to take advantage of the current low ad costs,” said Vibhor Kapoor, president of AdRoll. “As we approach the holiday season with consumer uncertainty continuing, identifying pockets of opportunity and developing marketing campaigns to generate brand awareness and loyalty will be key to maximizing revenues during what’s predicted to be a $1.3 trillion 2023 holiday shopping season.”
AdRoll analyzed data from 2,000 online businesses in North America across finance, beauty and fashion, fitness, technology, travel and other industries, resulting in these key findings:
The AdRoll State of Digital Marketing Report will be updated quarterly.
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