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Blinx says its production studios will offer new perspectives. Photo: blinx
Blinx says its production studios will offer new perspectives. Photo: blinx
Blinx, a start-up that describes itself as the first digital native storytelling hub in the Middle East and North Africa, has launched in Dubai.
The platform aims to produce news and short-form storytelling content that will target Gen Z and millennials in the Middle East and beyond, blinx said in a statement.
Based in Dubai Media City, blinx, led by Arab journalist Nakhle Elhage, will adopt a “more story, less noise” approach in content generation by young people, delivering relatable content to its target audience.
“Our purpose is to inspire the youth through honest, genuine and spectacular storytelling. By providing news, entertainment and infotainment powered by the best tech and people available, we help build a better tomorrow,” Mr Elhage, blinx’s general manager, said.
“Engaging the region’s talented, bold and brave storytellers, our new digital hub aims to be the go-to destination for stories that connect young people in Mena to the world and like-minded communities.”
Blinx will be equipped with metaverse/extended reality studios and production facilities. Control rooms at the content creation hub are also equipped with the latest live production tools, including AI-enhanced tools that analyse videos and data, the company said.
“Blinx will harness the collective power of resources, tech and expertise, so that storytelling feels fresh, exciting and relevant to today’s youth,” Mr Elhage said.
Blinx will distribute content through social media platforms and its own online portal. The start-up also plans to launch digital apps to offer a live production experience to users on multiple smart devices and screens.
Its range of content includes entertainment and infotainment from news and current affairs to economy, business, technology, sports, lifestyle, music and climate change news in short format. It also plans to add gaming to the list.
“Blinx will contribute to discovering, fostering, and rewarding untapped local talent, with the aim to train and empower a new breed of content creators, media practitioners, and storytellers — thus supporting the ‘creator economy’ and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mena,” the company said.
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