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Apple did not reveal the battery specifications of the iPhone 15 Pro Max or any other model during its official unveiling, but what the company does every year is provide an estimated runtime of each model for three categories: video playback, video playback when streaming, and audio playback. For consumers who wish to upgrade from the iPhone 14 Pro Max to the latest top-tier offering, they might be disappointed with the battery life of the newly announced flagship.
First, let us talk about the battery specifications of each model, starting with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which features a 4,323mAh cell. As for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there were two separate rumors talking about its battery capacity, and on both occasions, it was larger than the one running in the iPhone 14 Pro Max. One rumor claimed that the latest 6.7-inch flagship would sport a 4,422mAh battery, while another talked about a significantly bigger 4,852mAh one.
Unfortunately, according to Apple’s ‘Tech Specs’ page of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the latter lasts for 29, 25, and 95 hours in video playback, video playback when streaming, and audio playback, respectively. These numbers are unchanged from the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s runtime. Given that the A17 Pro is found in the latest model and is the world’s first 3nm chipset, its efficiency should mean the iPhone 15 Pro Max should last longer unless Apple incorporated a smaller battery due to space constraints.
These space constraints may be possible thanks to a bigger rear camera setup on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, along with a smaller footprint thanks to Apple shrinking the bezels on the latest flagships. Another speculation is that Apple has published battery runtimes similar to what users would actually experience instead of putting out numbers that can only be obtained under an unrealistic use case, which is what nearly every company does nowadays in regard to battery life.
Whatever the truth, the actual tests and future teardown videos will unravel the missing information we are looking for. If you still feel confident that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will deliver incredible endurance on a single charge, then pre-orders will open on Friday, and you can become one of the early adopters and find out if that is the case.
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