Video Shows 'Unseen' Phenomenon Of 'Cloud Avalanche' On Mount Everest In Nepal – NDTV

The video has collected over 4,000 comments
A breathtaking video of the ‘Cloud Avalanche’ that took place recently atop the Eastern Wall of majestic Mount Everest in Nepal has surfaced on the internet. Tourists present at the location were lucky to witness the rare occurrence. The video was posted on LinkedIn by Dr Subramanian Narayanan.
The video shows clouds cascading down the mountain peak and falling into a river below. Moments later, a beautiful rainbow emerged, it looked like a cinematic display. Tourists were heard cheering and appreciating the beauty.
Along with the video, Mr Narayanan wrote, “Unseen phenomenon (cloud avalanche) in Nepal, on the eastern wall of the Everest mountain range. Recorded by a group of mountaineers completely by chance. A rainbow appears on the river, which increases the beauty and amazement..”

Watch the video here:

The video has collected over 4,000 comments and several comments. A user wrote, “Sudden change in surface temperature produces anabatic and catabatic situations but quite rare at that altitude. Amazing experience it would have been, I witnessed only once a smaller version of such phenomena during trekking @13000 ft beyond Himachal and cannot forget that experience when we got totally engulfed within. I used to say”SOMEBODY’s CLOUD, SOMEBODIES FOG’ Natures Drama is unfolding every moment only wanderers can witness.”

“This is a known phenomenon. Normally happens after 12PM in the months of Aug-Nov, when there is increase in temp and clouds precipitate suddenly. Most Indian Army and IAF personnel serving in Nubra/Shyok/Drass valleys, Siachen Glacier & SSN (Near Galwan), Sikkim would regularly see this,” the second user commented.
The third user expressed, “Truly incredible!!”
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