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With over a decade of marketing know-how, Kernez is dedicated to teaching other’s the essentials of digital marketing in a digital age.   
With his extensive knowledge, strategic mindset, and innovative approach, Ross Kernez is empowering businesses to thrive in the digital landscape and achieve remarkable online success. Because we live in a digital age businesses must harness the power of internet marketing to stay ahead of the competition. Ross Kernez is at the forefront of this digital revolution, providing businesses with the expertise and strategies they need to navigate the complexities of the online world particularly in the sphere of marketing.  
Marketing a product or brand isn’t easy without an in-depth knowledge of how the intricacies of digital marketing shape success in business. Kernez, an author, speaker, mentor, and marketing expert, commits his time to showing others how to achieve success in marketing through the use of invaluable advice from Kernez and by learning transformative marketing skills. In Kernez’s words “digital marketing is here to stay,” meaning businesses will continue to need to utilize digital marketing tactics in order to gain customers and generate revenue.  
Founder of SEO Meetup 
Kernez is no stranger to the world of digital marketing and understands how the power of digital marketing techniques can elevate and grow a brand. Because of his passion for search engine optimization (SEO), and teaching others how the ever changing seo algorithms shift and change, Kernez founded SEO Meetup. The SEO community is a place where like-minded and driven individuals come together to learn from Kernez and share their own experiences, mistakes, and strategies.  
Building this community of SEO Meetup members seeking to establish themselves in their marketing skills, has enabled thousands of businesses to boost their marketing campaigns. The power of human connection within the format of SEO Meetup is a driving force behind the growing community. Kernez hosts live in person and online events and webinars where he teaches professionals how to attract more customers through methods such as affiliate marketing, advertising, third party collaboration, and social media savvy. Other topics Kernez has covered in his live seminars include digital PR, generating leads, content marketing, affiliate marketing and much more. 
SEO Meetup is the second largest SEO community in the country with over 2,000 members. The services are free to use and allow community members to bounce ideas off each other and make business connections. To stay informed on upcoming and future SEO Meetup events, you can visit SEO Meetup. A diverse background of experience isn’t necessary to join as Kernez hopes to inspire business professionals working from the ground up all the way up to those who are established in their practices.  
Kernez’ Diverse Expertise 
Ross is no stranger to the world of marketing and has been featured in the media, being mentioned in Forbes, IBM Systems, Mashable, Lifewire, Newsweek and more. Ross started his career as a computer science major, and continued on to work across marketing sectors in the healthcare industry, IT industry, and advertising agencies.  
Kernez’s career trajectory started in computer science before pivoting to reshape company marketing efforts and ROI. His extensive digital marketing expertise stems from work with pioneering firms across sectors. Contributing early on to build Grace AI search engine and “Kernez.” Ross co-founded various companies as well as guiding SEO and online marketing efforts for the natural stone giant, and also the software company Inventive Software. By coufinding Coat Connect and Kernez, he expanded his skill set further. Kernez leverages these multifaceted capabilities to companies through targeted digital marketing. Currently, as Director of Search Marketing at rapidly expanding health insurance broker HPOne, he deploys his expertise to drive strategic marketing wins. In addition to authoring books on marketing topics available for public purchase, Kernez also mentors up-and-coming entrepreneurs at Starta Venture Capital by assisting them with crafting digital marketing strategies. 
Ross’ Passion in Marketing 
Ross was born in Ukraine and immigrated to America, studying and working his way up to become a recognizable name in the marketing industry. Kernez is fluent in multiple languages including Ukrainian, Russian, English, Slovakian, and Polish. His appreciation for world wide travel and playing chess fuels his passion to go beyond cultural barriers even in the marketing industry. Kernez is avidly committed to helping others reach their business goals in marketing, involving himself in startups and businesses of varying size to help them reach the masses through effective marketing strategies.  


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