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The new offering is customized for graduates of Yale’s engineering program who want to launch careers that combine technology and business.
Starting in the fall of 2024, the Yale School of Management will offer a new master’s degree program designed specifically to give graduates of Yale’s School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) and other technical programs a strong foundation in business and leadership skills while deepening their expertise in technical fields. The Master’s in Technology Management will extend the reach of the school’s mission of educating leaders for business and society by preparing students to be leaders in the fast-changing and widely influential domain where technology and business meet.
Yale SOM Dean Kerwin Charles said the new program will bring together the strengths of two Yale programs to better understand how to build businesses that can thrive in competitive, high-tech markets. “Many of the greatest challenges—and opportunities—in the business world today involve the interdependence of technology and business decisions. We’re delighted to be working with SEAS to leverage our respective areas of expertise while building on our shared commitment to giving Yale students the best possible business, management, and leadership training.”
Students in the Master’s in Technology Management will complete a curriculum with four components. The summer before classes begin, they will complete a required internship to gain practical experience. They then will take a slate of core courses covering innovation, accounting and finance, marketing, and design. The final two components will be elective courses at both SOM and SEAS, which will allow students to deepen their expertise in chosen areas, including entrepreneurship, leadership, big data and artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Graduates will receive a Master of Management Studies degree.
According to Jeffrey Brock, the dean of the School of Engineering & Applied Science and the Zhao and Ji Professor of Mathematics at Yale University, the new master’s degree program will provide new opportunities for engineering students while strengthening collaboration between SEAS and SOM. “This program opens an exciting pathway for our undergraduate students who want to harness their engineering expertise to pursue ventures that can have a transformative impact on society. By augmenting the technical training provided by a SEAS degree with the knowledge of management and the resources and networks of a great business school, our program builds on a heritage of interdisciplinary thinking, research, and teaching at Yale.” 
The Master’s in Technology Management is only open to Yale College engineering students and other Yale College students with sufficient preparation for advanced engineering courses who anticipate graduating in 2024 or have graduated in the previous three years. The application for the inaugural class will be available in the fall of 2023. 
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