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Gaylord Community Schools automotive technology program receives a huge donation
Gaylord high schoolers in the automotive technology program spend a portion of their day learning all about cars.
“We rely on our NAFTA curriculum so that our students are learning a lot of the base skills to get them entry-level jobs, and then they would go for some type of postsecondary education, whether that be through dealership training or whether that be through a postsecondary partner like Kirtland Community College,” said Rory Halloway, automotive instructor at Gaylord High School.
“We learn how to put a tire on and off a rim, how to rotate tires, how to do general engine and general transmission maintenance,” added Tyler Hawley, senior at Gaylord High School.
But the students have been learning all this on cars since the 1990s′s. So Bill Marsh Ford of Gaylord donated a 2014 and 2015 Ford Focus.
“This will give them exposure to touchscreen electronic computers like all the things those older cars didn’t have. Now they’re going to have examples of a more modern vehicle to have the kids learn how to work on,” explained Steve Hutchinson, General Manager at Bill Marsh Ford Gaylord.
Bill Marsh Ford Gaylord also donated a car to Kirkland Community College.


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