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By Barbara Krasnoff, a reviews editor who manages how-tos. She’s worked as an editor and writer for almost 40 years. Previously, she was a senior reviews editor for Computerworld.
Okay, it’s time — Apple is rolling out iOS 17 to everyone today. While it’s been possible to download the developer and public betas of iOS 17 for a while, you can now download and install this latest version of Apple’s new mobile operating system, which is stable and ready to go.
But first, an important reminder: whenever you play with your operating system, it never hurts to first back up your device’s data — just in case.
The new iOS offers a wide range of cool new features. These include new safety features, AirTag sharing, a new nightstand mode, better contact cards, improved autocorrect and voice transcription, and Live Voicemail. Not to mention updates to stickers and AirDrop, keyboard updates, and the ability to just say “Siri” without the extra “Hey!”
iOS 17 works on the following devices:
It is not available for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or earlier phones.
To update your iPhone to iOS 17:
Once the install is complete, you will be welcomed by suggestions to configure your phone to take advantage of the new features. Enjoy!
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