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Gold is one of the most revered and lucrative investment options in India. Due to high liquidity and inflation-beating ability, it is considered an investors haven as well. That’s why it has been found that gold price bounce back strongly after fall in the yellow metal price. According to commodity experts, if an investor has long-term perspective, then gold can easily deliver double digit annual growth.
Here we give decade on decade return given by gold to the investors:
1] 1950 to 1960: According to, average gold price in 1950 was around 99 per 10 gm while average yellow metal price in 1960 was 112 per 10 gm. That means, gold gave near 13 per cent return to the investors in this decade.
2] 1960 to 1970: In this decade, gold price went up from average 112 per 10 gm in 1960 to 184.50 per 10 gm average price in 1970. So, net decadal return given by gold in this period was around 65 per cent.
3] 1970 to 1980: In this decade, average gold price shot up from 184.50 per 10 gm to 1,330 per 10 gm. So, the precious bullion metal delivered 620 per cent return in this decade.
4] 1980 to 1990: In this period, average gold price rose from 1,330 per 10 gm to 3,200 per 10 gm — giving around 140 per cent return to the yellow metal investors.
5] 1990 to 2000: Average gold price in this period went northward from 3,200 per 10 gm to 4,400 per 10 gm — giving around 37.50 per cent return to the gold investors in this period. According to, gold price in this decade came down after hitting 5,160 per 10 gm in 1996. From 1996 to 1998, average gold price witnessed steep fall from 5,160 per 10 gm to 4,045 per 10 gm.
6] 2000 to 2010: Gold price in this decade rose from 4,400 per 10 gm to 18,500 — giving around 320 per cent return to the gold investors.
7] 2010 to 2020: Speaking on the average gold price for the year 2020; Vinit Khandare, CEO & Founder at MyFundBazaar said, “In 2020, the average gold price in India was 48,651 per 10 grams.” That means, gold price in India shot up from 18,500 per 10 gm to 48,651 — giving around 162 per cent return in this decade.
So, from 1950 onwards, gold investors got best decadal return of 620 per cent in 1970 to 1980 period. 2000 to 2010 was the second best decade for gold investors as they got 320 per cent return on yellow metal investment.
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