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TND to leave News UK

Tom Newton Dunn is stepping down from presenting First Edition on TalkTV and will leave News UK after 19 years.
Tom has had an outstanding career at News UK, first joining The Sun as Defence Editor in June 2004, covering the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, before becoming Political Editor in 2009. ‘TND’ lead The Sun’s coverage of four general elections as well as Brexit, and his two candid interviews with President Trump made headlines around the world. He won five national newspaper awards at the paper – Reporter of the Year, Scoop of the Year twice, Campaign of the Year and Politics Journalism of the year.
In 2020, he joined the launch of Times Radio as its Chief Political Commentator and presented its flagship Sunday morning political programme, breaking news and bringing clear analysis to listeners. Latterly he helped launch the TalkTV network, and continued to bring in exclusive storylines for his nightly First Edition programme which made the front pages of our titles and beyond.
Tom has brought astute and authoritative reporting and commentary to every role he has held and we hope he will continue to contribute to News UK’s titles in the future.
Tom Newton Dunn said: “I’m very grateful to News UK for giving me so many opportunities with The Sun, the Times titles, and the move to broadcast. Helping to launch Times Radio and then a new TV channel 18 months ago has been a huge privilege. It feels now is the right time though for me to move on.
“An incredible year in politics on both sides of the Atlantic is coming up and that has created a new opportunity, which I’m looking forward to. I also hope to keep contributing to News UK titles.
“I’m going to take a well-needed break first and concentrate on recharging the batteries. It’s been a busy couple of decades.I look forward to the next challenge.”

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