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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra As you can read in our Galaxy S23 Ultra review, this premium flagship from Samsung is one of the best phones of 2023. It packs a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an incredible rear camera, a giant screen and an S Pen stylus for easy note taking without using your finger. There’s no question that this is a truly epic device but it also comes with a very premium price tag. In fact, those who want to take delivery of the S23 Ultra will need to fork out £1,249. Ouch!
Samsung has launched a slew of incredible offers on its Galaxy S23 Ultra, up to £630 off to anyone who upgrades to the S23 Ultra, six months of free Disney+. In our Galaxy S23 Ultra review, we branded this upgrade the “ultimate Android phone” 
If that cost is making your wallet wince there’s good news with Samsung making its best Galaxy S23 deals even better. Currently, the firm is offering up to £630 off the Galaxy S23 Ultra – that basically means you can pop it in your pocket for half the usual price.
So how does this ludicrously good discount work?
Well, there are two parts to getting the money off. Firstly you’ll need to hand over your current smartphone with Samsung offering up to £530 back depending on what device you have in your possession.
Once that’s done you then simply add the code SAVES23 at the checkout which then boosts the money off by another £100. 
With the trade-in and code applied, there’s a total of £630 off which will bring the total price of the S23 Ultra down to just £589.
Here’s what your current device is worth via Samsung’s trade-in plans
• Galaxy Galaxy Z Fold 3 – £530
(£630 with the SAVES23 code)
• Galaxy Z Flip4 – £390
(£490 with the SAVES23 code)
• Galaxy S22 – £360
(£460 with the SAVES23 code)
• Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max – £530
(£630 with the SAVES23 code)
• iPhone 14 Pro – £530
(£630 with the SAVES23 code)
• iPhone 13 Pro Max – £530
(£630 with the SAVES23 code)
• iPhone 14 – £470
(£570 with the SAVES23 code)
• Pixel 6 Pro – £330
(£430 with the SAVES23 code)
• Pixel 6 – £270
(£370 with the SAVES23 code)
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Here are all the features you’ll find on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.
This premium flagship includes a 6.7-inch AMOLED curved display, there’s a quad rear camera that offers a 200-megapixel sensor and impressive zoom. A speedy Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor provides the power and a 5,000mAh battery should keep that screen glowing for a day and beyond.
Finally, there’s an S Pen Stylus tucked inside for easy note-taking and jotting down ideas.
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