BBLeap presents new camera Carbon Bee with PWM technology – Future Farming

Spraying technology manufacturer BBLeap introduces the application of a new camera for real-time spraying with PWM technology: Carbon Bee. This eliminates the need to prepare a detailed task map in advance in which weeds are marked.
An enormous amount of data traffic is required to control very detailed real-time per nozzle at a decent driving speed. That is what the Carbon Bee camera from France can handle. BBLeap showed the Carbon Bee at the Precision Days at the Dutch arable farmer Jacob van den Borne on August 25 and 26.
Software in the camera interprets the images and immediately converts them into the signal for PWM control. It is a self-contained system that all takes place within the boom on the machine. The first machine with this new camera will be running in The Netherlands this season. There is already a system running in Australia.
Equipped with a double pipe system, squares of 18.5*18.75 centimeters can be sprayed. Although that can also be rectangles. At 25 kilometers per hour, a surface of 18.75 x 12 centimeters is still feasible.
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