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Felicia Rutledge, Ph.D., NCED project coordinator
Felicia Rutledge, Ph.D., NCED project coordinator
Felicia Rutledge, Ph.D., NCED project coordinator
The College of Education and Human Development’s Nevada Center for Excellence and Disabilities (NCED) is expanding its Nevada Special Education Technology Assistance Project (NSETAP), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at improving educational outcomes for K-12 students with disabilities across Nevada. NSETAP is a collaborative effort between the NCED and the Nevada Department of Education’s Office of Inclusive Education, with a renewed focus on increasing the capacity of special education teachers and professionals in the state.
Leading the project as the Principal Investigator is Felicia Rutledge, Ph.D., NCED project coordinator, along with Diane Thorkildson, NCED assistant director.
“Receiving this project will give us the opportunity to expand and deepen support for students with disabilities and educators,” Rutledge said. “Increasing awareness of the project and expanding it with a collaborative approach in various ways will inevitably build capacity and support.”
NSETAP seeks to empower educators and support staff by providing them with the tools, training and resources necessary to effectively address the needs of students with disabilities. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing universal design for learning, assistive technology and access to instructional materials, NSETAP ensures that all school personnel have the necessary expertise to create inclusive learning environments. This includes special educators, assistive technology specialists, related services personnel, paraprofessionals and school administrators.
“This grant will change how we support students who receive special education services, as well as professionals and educators who provide special education services. Making a lasting impact on outcomes for students and educators,” Rutledge said.
To expand the reach, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) made the decision to entrust the Nevada Center for Excellence and Disabilities with the execution of NSETAP. By doing so, the project’s impact can now be significantly expanded across Nevada, allowing for greater support to students with disabilities.
To address the barriers faced by educators in implementing effective strategies, NCED offers a range of services through NSETAP. These include access to a lending library, where educators can explore and test assistive technology equipment with their students.
Additionally, NSETAP provides extensive training and coaching opportunities facilitated by experienced personnel, both in person and via tele-training through Project ECHO. Furthermore, NCED is establishing a statewide assistive technology consortium to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among educators.
The NCED plans to collaborate with the University’s Project ECHO to further expand the reach of NSETAP. Project ECHO utilizes teleECHO clinics to connect interdisciplinary teams of experts with educators through video conferencing. This innovative approach allows NSETAP to provide educators with valuable knowledge, decision support, and consultation services in the field of assistive technology.
“It’s exciting collaborating with others to truly embody what we wish to see when working with students with disabilities,” Rutledge said. “Collaboration is the key to enhancing support and increasing outcomes for students with disabilities.”
The NCED is excited to work in close collaboration with the Nevada Department of Education to support K-12 students who require special education support and services. The NDE has been a vital funding partner for NCED, and this strengthened partnership will undoubtedly foster the growth and impact of NSETAP.
The Nevada Center for Excellence and Disabilities is a leading organization dedicated to advancing inclusive education and enhancing opportunities for individuals with disabilities. NCED’s mission is to provide comprehensive support, resources and training to educators, professionals and stakeholders to ensure an equitable and inclusive educational experience for all learners.
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