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By 9 months, your baby is much more mobile and likes to explore. Babies at this age are crawling and can raise themselves to stand, so safety in the home becomes an important issue as your baby’s curiosity (and mobility) grows. Your baby now responds to her/his name, loves to cuddle with family members and may show shyness or fear of strangers. Games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake are sure to be a big hit with your 9-month-old.
Some of the ways you’ll see your little one learning to connect with the people around her at 9 months:
Tips for parents
How your baby is expressing his needs:
Tips for parents
How your child’s brain is growing:
Tips for parents
How he’ll move through his environment:
Tips for parents
What mealtimes look like at 9 months:
Tips for parents
Try giving your little one half cup of mashed banana four times a day along with a healthy snack. For more ideas, read our article on Feeding your baby: 6-12 months.
While all babies develop differently, you should speak to your paediatrician if your 9-month-old:
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