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The CACFP meal patterns ensure that infants, children, and adults at participating centers have access to healthy food throughout the day. CACFP meals and snacks include whole grains, a variety of vegetables and fruits, and less added sugar and saturated fat. The USDA’s webpage on Nutrition Standards for CACFP Meals and Snacks provides in-depth information.
On this page, CACFP operators in North Carolina will find information, tools, and tips on serving meals and snacks that meet the CACFP meal patterns. The resources below are intended to make the work of planning and operating the CACFP easier. Resources with an asterisk (*) are available in both English and Spanish.
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The following CACFP seasonal menus are designed to:
Overview of Food Allergies 
Managing Food Allergies – School Nutrition Staff
Common Questions – School Nutrition Staff
Managing Food Allergies – School Nutrition Directors
Common Questions – School Nutrition Directors
Alergias a los Alimentos
Egg Allergies
Fish Allergies
Milk Allergies
Wheat Allergies
Peanut Allergies
Shellfish Allergies
Soy Allergies
Tree Nut Allergies
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